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  1. work my can off yesterday but managed to shoot this short video before sun up. Nice mix of birds from kissimmee. My link
  2. GregWise

    my babies

    we fly weekdays here in Kissimmee Fl.
  3. Very nice! Excellent job Mr. Hodges.
  4. GregWise

    my babies

    shot some pics from work early yesterday morning before we started flying, hope you like em. http://s83.photobuck...SE/my%20babies/ ">My link
  5. Nice work, what did you use for your NMF? I am inspired to have another go at my old monogram B-26, thanks for sharing and I'm looking forward to seeing your next update.
  6. Awesome! What a beauty.
  7. Vlad's pictures of the Bovington museum, they sound interesting.
  8. Zoooommmmmm [barrel rolling out and into the sunset]. BTW where are they now?
  9. GregWise


    well I blame my good buddy Mike for wearing me down and turning me on to his armor love affair... that rat, I now have armor kits taking up my limited stash space.
  10. Thanks but I needed 1/48th scale decals. Maybe one day I'll do a 1/72. James, I'll give you a fair price if you want to sell the civilian kit decals (assumming they are lufthansa). Thanks. Greg.
  11. GregWise


    prop guy crossing into the dark side of targets. M-20 is the old tamiya 1/35 and the rommelbuggy is the 1/48 tamiya.
  12. I really like it- nice weathering
  13. Gil I have a question on OOB aircraft catagory, If I replace the crappy plastic gun barrels with steel hypodermic needles and add photo etch seats belts am I still OOB?
  14. Beautiful work, thanks for sharing them.
  15. those are incouraging -thanks for the links.
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