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  1. The key thing in the above discussion is that Greg and Gil are both happy with their P-40 birds. That should be the prime outcome of our hobby.

    Very true Clare, and while we are both happy with our work our happiness came at the expense of extra time, money and effort improving those old mediocre kits. Sometimes the end results of these projects can be not so happy, or they never make it to the display shelf. That being said, I have reviewed a couple of the new Airfix kits and IMHO they are on par or better than any other new releases and more importantly, they were enjoyable builds. I believe having the starting advantage of a superior kit is much more desirable and will most likely yield better end results thereby making me much happier. I guess to sum it all up I would say the Monogram P-40 was great when I was 10, the Hobbycraft P-40 was fun at 30, but now at 56 I'm ready for something better and more enjoyable than an old box of chores. That's what makes the new Airfix kits so attractive to me.

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