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  1. OMG!!! I could not have asked for a better day yesterday! We are currently on vacation in Old Orchard Beach, Maine. Saco is a 10 minute drive from here and is the Headquarters for the Xuron Corporation. Dad and I drove over to Xuron headquarters and even though they don't do "tours" Bob ( who I assume is the floor manager) took us around the whole floor and we got to see how the greatest modelling snippers were made from start to finish! Tony, (quality control inspector), is a model builder and member of the local IPMS club SMSM and we must have spent an hour just talking models, Service stories, and tools. The whole staff could not have been more accommodating and kind to us. A big thank you to XURON!!!!

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  2. The 2017 Omaha Nationals is 54 days away and I am once again seeking volunteer photographers and a lead to take images during the National Convention in Omaha and to submit them for inclusion on the IPMS/USA Website.

    We (IPMS/USA) use a system called Filezilla to easily upload pictures that you take unto a secure web server that works just like a hard drive on your computer or laptop. The photographers are now able to upload their own images without having to drop off and pick up their flash drives or diskettes. The system allows for temporary access to a secured area of the IPMS server into which the images can be uploaded by the volunteer.
    Information on how this works, along with temporary "log in" info is shared with each volunteer when they "sign up" for service.

    Once again, I will not be attending this year. A lead on the ground makes this easier. However, as long as you have a computer or device, the photographer can do it all on his own. Any volunteer with a laptop available is more than welcome to volunteer and assist.

    We need volunteers for:

    Space and Sci Fi
    Dioramas and Misc
    SIGs and Display-Only



    People, Places, Things
    Tours... (Having pictures submitted by folks who go on the tours would be great!)
    Anything not listed above....

    The model categories are usually large enough to be split between volunteers.

    The type of camera being used or the size of the image one submits is not important. If you wish to volunteer you can reply here, PM me, or email me at tacomaipms@comcast.net.

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