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  1. I will never know the reasons but as they had the base...the only thing they needed was a different set of rear walls, fenders and doors. The demand would have exceeded that of the M2/M3 series as so many other countries received these as lend lease and MAP. But that is why I am a model builder and not a model manufacturer.

  2. Rob,

    I used to believe that but not so much anymore. Dragon released their M2/M3 kits and have yet to release an M5/M9 series. While I love that they are releasing a butt load of IDF variants right now still no M5/M9. Since Tamiya and Academy released their M3 kits the only variants have been the Grant and Takom currently is the same. That is not to say that they won't or some will make a conversion to do so, I am just not keeping my fingers crossed. I went and purchased SOL Models M3A5 because I was unable to find the old Calibre35 M3A3 conversion. Of course the second I start making my M31B1, Takom will announce a M3A3. LOL

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