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  1. Fellow SIG POCs and members,

      With the implementation of the NEW GALLERY, I have been getting practice on the DOs and DON'Ts of the new software.  I started with the SIG galleries and realized that of 14 ACTIVE listed SIGs, we only have 4 galleries.  The gallery is there for all of you!  How about SIG members start sending me some of the great models you are all building???  I can be contacted at tacomaipms@comcast.net.


    Special interest Groups

  2. No worries!  Regardless of how bad this kit is....I am going to have 1 or probably more!  Really hope they follow it with an M60.  I need to check references and see how different the nose adapter is.  Maybe Legends will do one.  Really great year for models and me.  MiniArt with the Diesel Lee & Grant coming out and this!   Wonderful! 

  3.   Application of the pattern was varied. For the Aberdeen tests, a 4” roller was purchased at a local hardware store. Soldiers from the 2nd ACR  report that sponges were cut into 4” squares, dipped in the paint and “blotted” on while others say they used cardboard with 4” holes cut in it and brushed away. To date, the author has been unable to find an official “Dual-Tex” vehicle pattern, though t seems the Army used the MERDC pattern as a modeland applied the paint in squares rather than broad strokes. In fact, in his works on dual texture, O’Neill indicates that the overall pattern is less important than the basic concept. Like many MERDC era paint jobs, they were unit-applied and usually “eyeballed” variation was the standard.




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