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  1. Entirely possible; I'm not in the loop on any of that, just conjecturing based on some past events ... And while the pending Museum of the US Army has much of my money, they don't consult with me on details, just ask for more ...


    and that surprises you?????

  2. Mom and Dad said the last time they were there they have cleared a LOT of space. No idea what that means. The last time I was on Lee was over 10 years ago.

  3. Tim,

    Don't feel stupid, it took me forever just to leave the BII on a kit and paint it after the base coat. I used to add it after. I can't imagine leaving things on like track and painting it attached. Randy finished his Stryker and I can't wait to see how he handles painting it all with that slat armor added.

  4. The Fort Eustis Museum is a really nice trip. Even for those that need to stop and get a pass, it is still worth it. Last time I was there there were rumors that they were going to try and fix it that you could get to the museum without having to get a pass. I wanted to actually go and check it out while at the NATS but it wasn't in the cards.




  5. It's funny about how Museums get their stuff. I had to go to the Evergreen Aviation Museum in McMinnville Oregon to find that they had not one but two of my favorite armor vehicles. They actually have two t-34/85s and one running T-55. That was just too neat. I wasted a whole photo card on those vehicles alone.



  6. Hello all,

    I have been using the Micro Mark resin casting material. Both the one-2-one rubber and the CR-600 (I think). It is the slower cook time version. Lately I have been having numerous air bubbles in the resin. Does humidity play a BIG factor in casting? It is really irritating me as I used to have no problems with it.



  7. When I was building the AC-130 for a friend I could have sworn there was a 1/48 AC-119 and I had thought how kool that would be. I am sure there is a way but can't imagine how. If they made a plan C-119 in the scale then at least I could start.



    Mark :smiley30::smiley30::smiley30:

  8. Hello All,

    I have noticed that some forum pictures I can see and some I cannot. I have tried to upload pictures but it requests the URL. First question is why can I see some pictures but not others and Second, to upload to the forum, I need to have the picture stored on some other webspace?





  9. While I was stationed in Bad Kissingen our partner Unit (German) took us to fire their mortars. They had the poles superimposed on the sight so you didn't have to run any stakes out. I thought that was really neat.



  10. One of these days I'm going to build a M106 (that I crewed on) before my hands get too old and eyes get too bad that I will need someone to build it for me. What a nice gesture.

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