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  1. OK fellow tread heads, lets test your Panzer III knowledge. I figure if I throw this out someone will know or have an educated guess. Below are three Panzer three photos. The third is untouched and the other two are marked for someone to explain to me the missing triangular undercut that (as far as I knew) was common on ALL Panzer III and IV turrets. Any and all help and guesses are greatly appreciated.



  2. Hello all,

    After spending countless hours on the internet and leafing through my collections, I need to know if anyone out there has or has seen good interior shots of a WWII up armored jeep? I have seen the ones from the VICTORY MUSEUM and I am sure that Dragon did not use this vehicle as their test shot. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.




  3. Most of the time I use Testors liquid cement. It melts well and bonds great too. The down side is that it takes a while to set up. For fast drying I always use Zap-A-Gap. I almost exclusively use the green bottle stuff. I have never used a kicker but there have been a few times I should have.


    Mark :smiley15:

  4. Tom,

    If you plan to use the Staghound, I would recommend Italeri's just on the ease of building. I just finished my Bronco one about a month ago and with all the small parts, Italeri's would be an esier build and I think it is cheaper too.



  5. Tom,

    I have never seen the movie, but that would probably be your best bet. Do a scene from the movie. From the information I have read, there were numerous clashes between the different factions. However, I have not yet found any ARMOR INVOLVED data.



    Mark :smiley17:

  6. Hello Everyone!

    I also posted this in the wants and disposals. I am currently looking for someone that has the Legend LF1112 Magach 6B Batash or LF1111 Magach 6B GAL conversion sets. I want only the turret basket. I will pay for you to ship it to me and after using it, pay to ship it back to you. My plan is to return it to you in the condition that it was sent. If anyone out there can help, please contact me.



    Mark :smiley16:

  7. Unfortunately, Judges are not always the subject matter experts. I have seen models win with some outlandish camouflage schemes over the entire vehicles before. I guess you can go with the "If they had to look THAT close to decide a winner" theory then you are building great! It reminds me of a story when we approached the Fort Lewis Museum to do a display. The curator said that was fine but we could not display any unbelievable paints schemes like FW-190s with red and white stripes. Even though these were actually used.




  8. Tom,

    Overall Dragon makes the best. Depending on your build era I would choose the T-34/85M, T-34/85 (with bedspring armor [ultimate], T-34/85 model 1944 or the T-34/85 UTZ model. Try to stay away from 6066 (T-34/85 1944E) and sometimes listed as the Chinese Volunteers. It is a nice kit but the road wheels are sorely lacking. Basically stick with Dragon for the kit and there are hundreds of aftermarket items to choose from.



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