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  1. I have always wanted to order stuff from them but with the exchange rate have always hated the possibility of doing it. I remember long ago, I ordered something from an Italian firm and from the date of order till they charged my card the rate shot up almost .50 to the dollar and it really irritated me.

  2. Hello All,

    Does anyone know if a company makes a set of after market wheels to go on the Italeri/Revell Land Rover? I have found about 6 aftermarket hop ups (some with wheels some not) but no wheel sets. Any and all help is always welcomed.





  3. Not sure if Trumpeter uses vinyl, plastic or what on their track, but it is the last time I attempt to use their track period. The paint doesn't stick and these were NEVER designed to fit around the idler and sprocket without bowing. I purchased Master Class PT-76 track and they were not what I expected but will use those if my LHS doesn't have the new Fruilmodel ATL97 PT-76 track. Regardless....I am now stuck waiting on track.

  4. Tim,

    Excellent use of the peanut butter jar lid as a base. We have a modeler that works in braille scale and uses them also. In 1/35 they are good for like a jeep, Daimler, and maybe a motorcycle so I have a few stashed away. I have always loved the Dodge ambulance. You did a great job.













  5. WHOA..... Now the Bu*&sh#t flag comes out. You are definitely doing stop motion photography. I know all those HUMMWVs are the same kit and you are just using a camouflaged mask to make it look like more the one......HAHA your plan is foiled Virtuoso of Miniatures. Now everyone will know you are a fraud.



    Those look great and I am jealous that you can knock them out that quick!!



    Mark :smiley20:

  6. Richard,


    Had this posted under the wants and disposals. Not sure how you are with EBAY but there are currently two selling on EBAY. There is a AMT/ERTL and ESCI which also comes with a Microscale decal sheet.





  7. I finally got permission to post on Missing-Lynx and the answers are the same. I still think this is not a normal turret. If the undercut was there, there would not be the noticeable shadow below it. Of course, this is probably the ONLY photo and angle of this particular vehicle.

  8. I have shots of some panzer IVs. No IIIs however. Also a few of the Stug IIIs as well. I have one Hummel and I do not believe France ever sold any of the Panthers they had. Steven Zaloga and Mouse House state that Syria purchased 20-40 (depending on book) Panzer IVs and IIIs from France and Czechoslovakia.

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