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  1. OK treadheads...Who knew this kit was out and how long has it been out? I am trying to purchase a few. I found a couple in some overseas sellers and one on Evil Bay. That's actually how I found out about it in the first place.



  2. Ask away....I use photo bucket and the neat thing about it is that between them and IPMS it resizes the photos for me. Check out my Beep in open Discussion National Model Day. Real simple site to use. By the way the LVT looks great!



  3. Does anyone know how the 105mm ammo boxes mounted to the sides of the air cleaners were actually attached? Were they bolted and if so, was it to the fender? I am told there were filled with sand as a form of protection and curious as to how they were mounted that allowed the sand to stay put.




  4. My parts only have a large and small pin. No lower or upper. The back side of the bogies are flat ad straight. I am thinking it is those 38 and 39 parts. on some the bogies toe out more that others. Doesn't matter which bogie I put on it.



  5. Mike and Gil,

    Thanks on the notice. Glad to know that I am not completely losing my mind. I didn't want to exaggerate too badly on the toeing but, yes it is really noticeable. It has been a long time since I built any Dragon German armor. Trumpeter's Bruckenleger panzer didn't have this issue so I was worried it was me. Scary to pay $57.00 for a kit and have such a BASIC part of the kit be so malfed up. Not sure I understand the hot water method but I might give that a try this weekend. Scared of ruining the undercarriage and having no spares to fix it.

  6. Hello All,

    I was test fitting my bogies on the undercarriage and they all have a terrible outward toe to them. Did anyone else have this problem? Did I assemble something wrong? The parts 38/39(mounts) appear flush and correct.

  7. Hello All,

    Just got my SKIF BTR-152E-ZU-23-2 and it comes with all the parts for the dismounted version (like on the GAZ-66) but the instructions only show it built with the wheels removed. I plan on putting it inside a Land Rover and want the wheels included. Does anyone have a scan of the SKIF instructions that show the complete kit?






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