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  1. Ed,

    You are wrong!!!! I distinctly see a black colored bead of Squadron Green putty or thick super glue holding the wing to the fuselage. My guess is that it has been painted black because green would clash with the gray overall gray effect.


    Mark :smiley14:

  2. David,

    While I agree with your assessment, Would it not have been better for Quickboost to redo the whole Nacelle (I hope that's the correct terminology) and released a better set? I am looking at this from the amount of correction that would be needed to flare in the piece to match the rest of it. I feel for anyone attempting that job.



  3. OK Airplane fans, I have a quetion? While I was perusing the review section I checked out this review. Mr. Guenther did an excellent job, by the way, comparing both the Quickboost "corrected" against the kit provided. How can quickboost tote this as "correct" when the additional work will ruin so much surface detail? By the way, the quickboost is on the left.



  4. Michael,

    While it isn't a canopy, I have had no problems masking off windshields. I dip the shiled in future and allow it to dry. I then use masking tape. I usually use the cheapest available. Right now it is Tartan that I believe I picked up at home depot. I spray the frame and have never had a blemish yet (knock on wood). There is the occasional seepage but I think that is more my paint mix than masking issues.



  5. If it is the two and a half ton, it is a really nice kit for it's age. Of course, it doesn't hold up to Tamiya's latest versions. I personally have a fond spot for Max/Peerless kits. They were some of the first ones I cut my teeth on in armor modeling.



  6. But the Alan kits aren't that great, soft on the details, lots-o-flash. See if you can hit up Dave for the review if we get it.



    No review kits for awhile. The Hummel is kicking my #$%&!

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