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  1. Thanks for the replies. John - the two I mentioned were not Mark Ford's. His winning M10 was displayed as a full diorama with a lamp post higher than the vehicle and six figures during the show, but when judged it only had the maximum 2 figures and the lamp post was removed (see the photos below - 1st one from the awards presentation, 2nd one from the general armor photos found at the IPMS SVMC website gallery for the 2021 Nationals.) Obviously he knows the rules and abides by them.
  2. After coming back from an AMAZING convention put on by the IPMS Las Vegas folks, I was looking through the award presentation slide show (links available both on the IPMS 2021 National Convention website and the IPMS SVMC website) and saw a few winning Armor models that, under the current contest rules, were technically in the wrong category. For years there has been an inconsistency with armor models being moved or not being moved into a Diorama category due to the number of figures used. For example, Rule 15 states, in part: "Any model entered into an AFV category that is displayed upon a base, permanently or temporarily, may have no more than two (2) figures in total and the figure(s) must be a crew member; only one (1) figure may be affixed to the base off the vehicle; a second figure must be affixed to or within the vehicle model. If there are more than two figures total, the entry will be defined as a Vignette, and will be transferred to the appropriate Category for judging there." There was a winning entry, on a base, with three crew figures and another winning entry with two figures, neither of which were on the vehicle. The models were fantastic and worthy of an award, but technically they were in the wrong category. But since figures included in military vehicle models are not to be considered in judging the model, theses technical oversights does cause me to scratch my head and think "What are the judges doing here?" The one winning entry that is a head scratcher to me is the first place winner in Military Vehicles - Out of the Box Category 293 - 1/35 Soft-Skinned. It is a WW1 Italian 149mm Mortar. It is an artillery piece, not a soft skinned vehicle. Can someone explain how this happened? By the way a few winning entries in Figures had two figures rather than a single figure. A few of them came that way in the kit (eg. the two Iroquois La Crosse warriors), so I have no problems with those. But another first place winner ("Roswell) has two separate figures from different kits on a landscaped base. Again, a great model, but why this was not moved to the Figure vignette/small diorama category is puzzling.
  3. Thanks to all who responded. I found a Glencoe Spad XIII at my LHS and picked it up for less than $10 (using my IPMS discount!). Now that I have all my instructions, it's time to start building! Thanks again for all the help. Jim
  4. Thanks for the post, Mark. I got a scan of the Aurora instructions for the Albatross. But to answer your question, the Special Hobby kit is from new and improved molds, so the instruction sheet would not help identify the Aurora parts or if any were missing. Thanks again. Jim
  5. Those three kits were reissued by Glencoe. You could try to contact them and see if they can provide instructions for the kits. Thanks for the idea, Robin. I only need the Spad XIII instructions now, so the hunt has lessened. Jim.
  6. Thanks Dick. Got the instructions OK. The very first model I bought with my own saved up money was the Aurora Bristol F2B back in the early 1960's. I never did get any of the others until just now. I know they are not up to "modern" standards, but I will enjoy building them anyway. Thanks again. Jim
  7. Thanks much, Gil. Got the instructions OK. Now to check the parts to see if I have them all. Jim
  8. Thanks, Dick. Any help is appreciated. I have Google searched for Aurora instructions, and came up empty on these. I did find a kit review that had some pictures showing steps 2 and 3 af the Albatross C3 instructions, but these are only 2 out of 6 steps for that kit. Jim
  9. Greetings All: I recently acquired a box of about a dozen old Aurora WWI 1/4 scale biplanes. Most of them are without boxes and some parts are off the sprues and loose, so these are definitely "builders" rather than "collector" kits. After sorting out the sprues and loose parts, I discovered that I am missing instructions for three of them: a Nieuport 28 C-1, a Spad XIII, and an Albatross C3 (the two seater Albatross). If anyone has instructions they could copy and mail or scan and email to me, I would apprecaite it. Please contact me at jim.spellmire@cox.net to discuss costs of mailing and photocopying invovled. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me.
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