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  1. I watched those as a kid too! And, Johnny Quest..................


    Great Stuff! I grew up watching that, and many other Brit SF shows, with the marionettes! Those models and Diorama's were awesome! Captain Scarlett was cool too, great vehicles! No guilt in those at all, as they were a modelers feast!!


    I hadn't noticed it being that popular a topic, but if it is, I'm pleased it worked out so well, I just thought it would be a good time for all. :smiley14:



  2. Hey, she's not dumb. She is/was blonde. I know them. Dated one in college.


    Oh no Bob, no offense to the Vets intended. She really insulted the heck out of those guys in the 60"s, I'm old enough to remember the incident you are referring to.


    I just like posting a picture with each reply, makes it more fun for visitors that way.


    God she was dumb then, Dumb...dumb..... :blink:

  3. Jane Fonda ..........


    And her father served in the USCG in the Pacific in WW2 with distinction or at least that's what I was told ....


    And, she spits on the US like that?




    And....Mmmm...yes, Jane Fonda....Meow......


    PLEASE don't get me started on JANE FONDA.... We have Vets on this site! And I don't mean the kind that take care of cats...

  4. And,


    Let's not forget Seven of Nine guys. Those were the two highlights of the show, if you catch my drift ...


    Whereas the VOYAGER looked sleek - I think my favorite ST ships were the refitted ENTERPRISE and ENTERPRISE-A and the ENTERPRISE-C and the RELIANT.


    I was never a fan, saw 1 episode, and never watched it again, no argument here. The Ship is cool, the show stank, nuff' said! :smiley16:





    Yeach, Phooie..............


    Booooooooooooooooooo ...............


    Commencing in a few weeks, my latest version of the USS VOYAGER Star Ship, from the "Star Trek:Voyager" series. This will utilize the Monogram 20 inch Voyager kit, and a whole bunch of electronic "Goodies"! This project features some new upgrades since the 2007 version was completed las year. A dual Photon Torpedo "Launch" light effect circuit will be added and be independently activated, in addition to the standard forward Tubes, above the Sensor Dish. Also, Outer Space Outfitters 3D "Interior Scene" rear illuminated inserts will be added to all Primary "Windows", to give the effect of "Looking into actual Rooms and Laboratories" for the viewer. A new Navigation and Strobe light circuit from "Space Circuits", and a custom-made Display Case and Clear Cover that encases the entire display, with a forward projecting "Control Panel" to activate the various effects. The Display Presentation Base and Cover, shown below, was made by my friend Glenn Buckner, at Last Pacific Creations. Notice that the "Sail Shaped" Support Rod Cover was exactly matched to the shape of the Secondary Hull of the Voyager!


    I'll be posting updates on this project for fellow IPMS members, right here!





  6. Star Trek II: The Wrath of Kahn. There is no question or debate over this .......... it RULES...................


    OK, difficult to choose I realize, so your top 3, in no order of preference, is easier.


    I'll start this sort of "Poll" type-thread.


    A. 2001: A Space Odyssey


    B. Blade Runner


    C. Alien


    OK, now, who's next? :ph34r:


    C'mon, participate, this will be fun! :P

  7. Garth,


    Som years back I bought the entire line of 1/144 Superscale military decals. In this line were two for Tomacats. All of these are $4 each plus postage.


    Check them out at:




    Aw, DARN it all Jim ............. I wish I had waited until I heard from you........... Merde'


    Next time Jim, I'll promise.



  8. Hi All ...


    Can you please help me?


    I just bought a Heller 1:144 F-14A Tomcat off of Ebay. I'm looking for aftermarket decals for it. I found a company from Brazil who has them. However, before I go ahead and buy them, do you know anyone else that might have 1:144 decals for it?


    Also, how is the detail on that kit?


    Thank you All,


    T. Garth Connelly

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