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  1. I want to take this opportunity here to thank Dick Montgomery for helping me and Joe Caputo to set this Group Build gallery up and I hope you guys enjoy the models I've posted and I invite Joe to post photos of his Revell Vosper MTB and of the South Vietnamese Navy PGM built up from the Lindberg USCG Cutter that he built ... I also want to invite any of you to post your own photos here too, I'd love to see them! Additionally, if any of you want to write anything on the boats, their weapons, engines and camouflage for a PTBSIG newsletter, please feel free to email me short articles to PTConsultingNHR@aol.com in WORD 97/2003 format with a few accompanying photos or if you have a review on a book on PTs and related craft or reviews on after-market accessories for PT kits or on the kits themselves ... please do so. Garth
  2. Hello All ... At some point in the near future, Dick Montgomery is assisting me to set a Group Build for the PT boat SIG. If any of you have models (completed and WIP) of PT boats, MTBs, Schnellboote, MAS boats, MGBs, PGMs, and the like, post your photos in that Group Build folder once it is set up. Now, regarding the PT Boat SIG ... I would like to ask any of you from all chapters in IPMS/USA that if you have an interest in PT boats and related craft (WW2 mainly, but I'll entertain PTFs and FPBs and small missile boats) if you would contact either myself (PTConsultingNHR@aol.com) or Joe Caputo (KONDA24@aol.com) and "join" the SIG ... I'd then, like to ask you to attend your own chapters' meetings and discuss these craft with your fellow members and maybe if we grow enough - we can sponsor tables at regional shows and at the Nationals and maybe we could then sponsor an award at those shows ... What do you think? Garth
  3. Hi again, I just want to say that there is no longer a need for anyone to take note of my original post, a man from the FINESCALE forums is sending me what I need ............. Garth
  4. Hello All, I hope that someone here can help me, I am having a Monogram 1:48 F-106-A rebuilt. I am in need of the three landing gear struts for that kit ... Do any of you have these items in your spare-parts draws that you can part with? If you do, would you please email me at this address please: PTCONSULTINGNHR@aol.com, please? Not a PM on here, thank you. Garth
  5. Hey All, CWentzel was kind enough to offer me a set. See? That's why I love this hobby. People helping people. Garth
  6. Hi All, I do hope that you can help me with something ... I've got an old Testors' 1:72 F-14 Tomcat with in the box decals for 'Maverick's' and 'Iceman's' F-14s from the movie TOP GUN. I HAD ......... note I said HAD a set of decals in 1:72 for a F-14 from the Sundowners which had the nose-art of 'Miss Molly' ... and I can't find the darned thing, does anyone remember who made that set? And, if that company doesn't exists anymore - does anyone else make a sheet like it? If not, do any of you have that sheet? And, if you do, would you consider making a trade for it? I have several kits to offer. You can email me at PTConsultingNHR@aol.com .......... Garth
  7. I like the Star Trek stuff. Especially 'Kirk's ENTERPRISEs' ... I would LOVE to get an ENTERPRISE refitted or an ENTERPRISE-A ... They're my favorite ENTERPRISEs.
  8. Garth Dude? Who are ya? Wayne? We're not worthy, we're not worthy. WAYNE'S WORLD, WAYNE'S WORLD ... Party on.
  9. Oh, OK. I was just voicing my opinion ... but never mind. I've heard that the original KITT is currently in the Gumball Rally 3000. I know this because a friend of mine has a Corvette Z-06 (new - 505hp) in that race now ... I got a ride in it a week before he took it out to CA for the rally. She's fast ...
  10. To Simon - B5? No way, that was the stupidest show I've ever seen. That Bruce Willis wannabe as the Security Chief? As for ENTERPRISE - the reason why it failed was the top exec at CBS didn't want to do it any more and he wanted it gone ... no matter what the fans wanted. Ya know what is so funny - when a TV exec says some show isn't economical to produce any more - even though it is popular - i.,e.: ENTERPRISE and FIREFLY ... it cracks me up; don't they get that fans drive their industry and if we boycott their network because they did something so boneheadedly stupid ... it'll hurt their bottom lines? Apparently not. I mean I'd rather see an ENTERPRISE or a FIREFLY rather than realty TV show after realty TV show ... The fact that they did a FIREFLY movie a few years ago and that it did reasonably well sort of proves my point.
  11. Same here Mark - but that was the '80s, ... I watched it in my dorm room ... LOVED Erin Gray and Pamela Hensley.
  12. The Time Tunnel? NEVER heard of that one. Enjoyed Quantum Leap until the later seasons, got to be too much ...
  13. She could mind-meld with me ANY time she'd wants to ............
  14. That's EASY. SG-1 (The Richard Dean Anderson episodes) BATTLESTAR GALLACTICA (The original) ST: THE NEXT GEN and ST: ENTERPRISE Note: ST: ENTERPRISE - only because of Jolene Blalock)
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