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  1. Thanks. I've seen a color photo of the boat as thte 314, at the MTBSTC in Melville, RI.
  2. Arthur, Please forgive my stupidity,... But, you actually knew the family who owned this boat? WOW! Could you please email me offsite? Thanks ... And to all of you who come to this page? Just remember that www.ptboatworld.com now has a blog that you can post comments and questions on. Please do so. Additionally, please remember that there is a new book out there named BUILDING, DETAILING AND CONVERTING THE 1:35 ITALERI PT-596, which is available through Chris Daley Publishing, www.amazon.com (and its European affliates) and www.bn.com . Garth
  3. That has to be the most interesting conversion of that kit I've ever seen, although I seem to remember seeing photos of, or hearing of a guy who used the 109 kit to create a trailered USCG outboard powered fireboat or a fireboat used in the Boston area - on a trailer hitched to a fire utility truck. But, your conversion is interesting ... Garth
  4. Very interesting conversion, Arthur. Garth
  5. The book is also available on Barnes & Noble (www.bn.com). Garth
  6. Building, Detailing, and Converting the 1:35 scale Italeri PT-596 Announcing a new book from T. Garth Connelly Being published by Chris Daley Publishing Available soon - exclusively on Amazon.com $32.95 Building, Detailing, and Converting the 1:35 scale Italeri PT-596 will give the reader ideas, suggestions, inspiration and pointers for when they build this kit. A noted naval historian with input from four scale ship modelers (one of whom has won at the national level for his artisanship) put this monograph together and a noted researcher. It has color photos of five models based on the kit, accompanied by descriptions of what was done to achieve such high quality models. In addition, the monograph includes photos from the author's archives to be used as references as well as drawings (most of which were supplied by PT BOATS, INC., which is the depository of all things PT and is the official national veterans association of the men who served on PT boats in World
  7. Correction, sorry. http://ptblog-ptconsultingnhr.blogspot.com/2011/07/pt-boat-special-interest-group-blog.html
  8. Hello All: I've set up a blog for the PT BOAT SIG and its address is: http://ptblog-ptconsultingnhr.blogspot.com/2011/07/pt-boat-special-interest-group-blog.html. Please leave a post there ... but please, pay attention to the rules I set up, i.e.: no "mine is larger than yours" posts and no personal attacks. Thank you. Garth
  9. Hello All, In the near future, I will have some news that will be of great interest to the PT BOAT SIG and those of you who build PT boat models. Stayed tuned. Garth
  10. Come on you guys ... send your photos of your completed PT, MTB, Schnellboot and MAS boat models ... We need your input! Garth
  11. It's also somewhat of a "proof-of-concept" model. I've heard opinions from real rocket scientists that the design of the CONSTITUTION Class starships could never fly in real space due its design, that the saucer section would make tumble in space, rather than actually fly through space. I think that video proves that the design COULD fly. Garth
  12. Hello All, I have a question for all of you: Do any of you remember a modeler with an email address of michaeldrac1@aol.com or michaeldrac1@aim.com? I used to correspond with him and then, lost contact with him and within the past few months and more frequently within the past few weeks, I've been getting mass-emailings from that address with links to sites that I KNOW are not from that guy ... Do any of you know who that Michael is personally? I don't. I'm just saying that, if any of you do and you have been getting the same emails, ... maybe you should try and call him and let him know that his email account appears to have been hacked. Garth
  13. Are any of the original BSG series Vipers still in existence? Please reply via email at my PTConsultingNHR@aol.com address, thank you. Garth
  14. Are any of the original BSG series Vipers still in existence? Please reply via email at my PTConsultingNHR@aol.com address, thank you. Garth
  15. Thank you Dick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Garth
  16. Well, it's very cool sir. Thank you for sharing it. Garth
  17. May I ask a dumb question about the BLUEBIRD? Did they ever build a functional replica of her for a TV show in the UK?
  18. Dick, Thanks for posting that photo ... Bob, if you're out there sir; what kit is that? What did you do on it? Did you use any PE on it? Any aftermarket pieces? Details man! Details! Or, to paraphrase Dr. Evil; "I'm the boss, ... need the info ..." Nice job Bob. Garth
  19. How is the 20mm Breda? Well detailed? The torpedoes and racks? Detailed?
  20. Dave? How big is it? Like their PT-596? Garth
  21. Hi Dave, Yes sir, it definitely would! It's a torpedo boat ............... I'd like to see one built up too. Personally, if I could afford it and I had room for the bloody thing - I'd get one and have it built. I've got PTs, MTBs and a Schnellboot and a MGB but no MAS boat ... Like Cussler, I would like a model of everything I wrote about. Maybe when I find a job, I'll buy one ... Garth
  22. I went for two rides on that boat ... GREAT times!
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