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  1. I just wanted to let all of you know ... The manuscript for the book on the line of kits of PT boats from Revell is now with the copy editor at CHRIS DALEY PUBLICATIONS. I don't have a firm price yet, but it'll be under $30 USD and there is a good possibility that it'll be put into ebook format. My book on the Italeri PT-596 kit will probably have its price lowered to match the Revell book, but that's not confirmed yet. Also, that book might be put into ebook format as well. Garth
  2. The manuscript is now with the copy editor.
  3. What's wrong with me? I forgot to mention Fritz Koopman as one of the contributors. Sorry Fritz. Garth
  4. All, Hello. I just wanted to tell you; CHRIS DALEY PUBLISHING is now formating my text and photos into book form. It should be out soon. The book is similar to my book on the Italeri 1:35 PT-596 kit. The modelers who assisted me on the Revell book are George Wojcicki, Malcolm Boast (from the UK), Ernie Webber and my dear friend, the late Alex Johnson. Garth
  5. I wish there was a new PLASTIC kit of an Elco 77-footer (both production series) I wish there was a new PLASTIC and ACCURATE kit of a Higgins PT-71 Class boat (all production series) I wish there was a PLASTIC kit of a Huckins PT-95 Class boat (both production series) I wish there was a PLASTIC kit of a SC-497 Class Sub Chaser I wish there was a PLASTIC kit of the USCG 83 and 82 foot cutters And all of them in 1:72 scale Thank you, Garth
  6. Roger Pearson of New Zealand will be making a line of 1:72 small combatants soon ... maybe he'll do an Elco eightty-footer. Garth
  7. $110? Ouch. Even if I had a job - that'd give me pause.
  8. How much is that kit? And, how big is it? In inches? Garth
  9. David, Hi. That was the rumor, yes. Italeri was rumored to be about ready to release a 1:72 kit of the MS (not MAS) boats a few years ago, but nothing came of that. Even if it was true, I could not afford it. I've got an AIRFIX kit in my stash, and I don't want a Schnellboot inasmuch I've got a Revell S-100 built up ....
  10. Hello, I have a question about a budding theory in my head. The AIRFIX S-10 Class Schnellboot kit ... Could that, by a modeler with a lot of skill, be used as the basis for a model of one of the Regia Marina's MS boats? Just wondering. Garth
  11. Thanks Guys, But, do you know what? Mark at STARFIGHTER DECALS has agreed to make me a sheet.
  12. Hey Guys? Has www.aircraftresourcecenter.com gone buh-bye? I just typed it into my I.E., and it took me to some pet dog website, ... and ugly dogs at that too. Has anyone else have noticed that? Garth
  13. Would that be included in WORD in both Vista and 7?
  14. Hello All, Would any of you know which font is used for the USAF and UNITED STATES AIR FORCE markings on F-106s? Thanks, Garth
  15. OK ... Thank you guys. Yeah, I know about the Hasegawa 1:72 kit, even had one back in the early 80s. But, I've got a Monogram 1:48 106 that I'm having restored and rebuilt to give to a friend who flew the 106s, 15s and then, before he retired - the C-21 for the squadron. The model did have the decals (from Bare Medal) on it for the squadron, but, as you can gather, once the restoration started - the paint job and decals went "buh-bye" ... If you know of anyone who might have a set or anywhere that I could get a set? PLEASE let me know. Garth
  16. Hello, Does anyone have this set that they'd like to get rid of?
  17. Hello, Would anyone happen to have a set of decals for the Monogram F-106 kit which are for the MASS AIR NATL GUARD 102 FIW/101ST FIS out of Otis ANGB? Garth
  18. Hello. I just want all of you to know: PT Consulting has been dissolved as an entity. However, www.ptboatworld.com will remain active. Garth Connelly
  19. Hi ... Just a reminder: The new book Building, Detailing, and Converting the 1: 35 Scale Italeri PT-596 is available via Amazon.com. As is United States Navy Patrol Torpedo Boats, 1939-1945 and The Regia Marina's MAS Boats, 1915-1945 The United States Navy Patrol Torpedo Boats book and the MAS Boat book is also in eBook format. They'll make GREAT Christmas gifts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. I have an in the bag still decal sheet from ALBATROS MODELWORKS in 1:48 for the F-14A TOMCAT from VF-111 (Special) known as "MISS MOLLY" ... I want/need the same set in 1:72. If anyone has that full set in 1:72 - I'd be willing to trade my 1:48 set for the 1:72 scale set. You can email me by going to www.ptboatworld.com and click on CONTACT US. Thank you, Garth
  21. Yes, ... but I'm out on Cape Cod ... I don't have that photo on this computer.
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