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  1. It is also available at: http://www.amazon.com/A-Life-Revisited-Novel/dp/149298907X/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1382111291&sr=8-2&keywords=T.+GARTH+CONNELLY
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    Hi. If you'd like to buy my book, you can go here .... https://www.createspace.com/4482882 And, here is the cover:
  3. Sean, Another thought? www.navsource.org has photos of Elco eighty-footers throughout their careers; that COULD assist you. Garth
  4. Sean, Yes, there a number of books that could help you, sir. Victor Chun's pictorials (any edition) John Lambert's ALLIED COASTAL FORCES, Vol. II My 1994 PT BOATS IN ACTION Doyle's 2009 PT BOATS IN ACTION My 2010 UNITED STATES PATROL TORPEDO BOATS IN WORLD WAR II Doyle's ELCO EIGHTY-FOOT ELCO ON DECK And, if you need any other information, you and anyone else are welcome to go to www.ptboatworld.com and click on CONTACT US. That's because I don't and will not be posting anything anywhere online anymore. Garth
  5. Hello All, I just wanted to tell all of you ... From here on out, I will not be posting anything on any websites which you've seen me on over the years ... Those being: steelnavy modelshipwrights modelwarships There are a number of reasons as to why ... but, I will not state them here ... but, for the most part, they deal with the lack of respect I've been shown on those sites. I realize that the internet affords people a way to say things without anyone knowing who you really are and it allows you to say things that you probably would not say in a normal face-to-face social setting because it's just you, a keyboard and a monitor. I also realize that, as an author, I should expect negative comments and the like. However, THAT said: The comments leveled at me were of, for the most part, a purely personal nature and were aimed at me as well as my brother - who has NOTHING to do with my books. Criticizing me? Fine, and I accept that, but to make comments about my family? That goes beyond the pale. As does making false statements about me without having actual proof. So, instead of unwittingly providing anyone with ammunition against me, I won't post anything ... But, I will continue to have things posted on my website regarding my activities/books and I will put those things on my blog as well, but that will be the extent of it. Thank you to you all. Garth
  6. I don't know how definitive this answer will be viewed as, however, John Lambert, in an email this morning told me: "Hi Tim (and all on this Carly Float line)! The Carley float was designed in the U.S.A. but soon copied all over the world as it was a cheap alternative to emergency ships boats. Some were indeed made of lightweight Balsa, but most I suggest were copper tubes welded together, giving watertight sections, covered with canvas and painted to suit."
  7. Cool photos.............................
  8. On further investigation ... from another report on the HMAS SYDNEY ... it said this: "Also, in 1943 the US developed a balsa wood liferaft that would not sink, irrespective of the number of holes (from enemy fire) in it." So, apparently people, I was correct ... Garth
  9. People, I must apologize to all who buys or have bought my Revell book ... Apparently, my information about Carley Floats was incorrect. EJ Foeth was kind enough to direct me to a report written after the loss of HMAS SYDNEY and it says that these floats were made from copper tubing, cork and canvas ... I apologize for my error. Garth
  10. Hi All, May I ask a DUMB question? Carley Floats? Were they ever made from balsa? A few people, including one man who I really trusted when it came to things like this and things about PTs,have told me they were? I've just learned that they weren't? Which is right? Balsa or kapok and canvas?
  11. Thank you Mr. Quan ... Do you have an opinion as to why they'd be PGMs?
  12. Hi Guys, Say Listen, ... I'd like to ask you all a question "just for fun" ... there's no meaning to it, there's no ulterior motive to it; I'm just asking it just to start a discussion ... that is it. Members of another board have given me answers like "the Navy did not designate them anything ..." Or, my favorite so far, "they are what they are ... just because you make up a name for them, it's not important because they were what they were. They missed the point of my question ... I was just asking it to start a discussion; not to be shut down for asking it. Now, before I ask the question ... let me preface it by saying I know what vessels (in WW2) the USN designated PGMs (being converted from the 110' wooden hull SCs and the 173' steel hull PCs) and I know that MGB is a Royal Navy designation and was never used on an USN vessel....... That said, all of you know that I've coined a phrase (PTGB) for the six PTs (the 59, 60, 61, 282, 283, 284 and the 285 - but the 282 replaced the destroyed 284)to refer to those boats which were converted to all gun gunboats. Now ... Here's my question ... Would you guys consider those boats as PGMs or MGBs? Both designators fit them. ...
  13. THE COOLEST ship is/was USS ENTERPRISE, NCC-1701-A
  14. From my publisher a few hours ago: Book is up for order on Amazon though they do not have cover art yet: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1621650057/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=390957&creativeASIN=1621650057&linkCode=as2&tag=1250shipscom-20 They should have it "in stock" in a day or two.
  15. All, I was just informed that my new book; REVELL PT BOAT KITS IN PLASTIC, A REVIEW has been put up on Amazon today and is available for purchase. Garth
  16. It's really not a bad kit sir. The 20mm gun is bad ......... But, I've had a modeler build it into 95308 as she appeared in 1962, under the command of ENS. Ernst Cummings. The modeler used a twin 20mm and two .50s from NAUTILUS MODELS ... Came out pretty good. Go to www.ptboatworld.com and click on CONTACT US and I'll email you photos. Garth
  17. This morning ... I told Mr. Daley, via email, to go ahead and print the $19.95 version of the Revell book. I will notify you when it is officially released.
  18. I sent this email today, to my publisher - so, I'm guessing my Revell book will be out "soon" .... Mr. Daley (and my fellow contributors) The proof copy came today. I've looked through it. It doesn't look all that bad to me. But, by the same token, I think all of my books don't look that bad. That said, I still don't think it's all that bad. Meaning; I think "we" could go with the $19.95 a copy version, and that, in all honesty, will be my final recommendation to Mr. Daley. I will look at it again later and again tomorrow as well, but the way I feel? I'd say go with it in the $19.95 version as that will help generate sales. Garth
  19. From my publisher yesterday ... As I mentioned I have produced it using a less expensive color printing method. The big advantage is being able to offer the book at $19.95 vs. the $31.95 price of the previous book. The downside is that the photo reproduction is not as good. I won't go into details on what I'm seeing; I'd rather send you the proof and get your comments. I'll send it out tomorrow to your Ellington address. If the quality does not meet your approval then we have to return to using the same printing method that the Italeri book used. The photo reproduction will be better but the price per page is more than three times as high. Because this book is 60+ pages longer than the Italeri book in paperback the Revell book would have to be priced around $42.95. At the moment I'm thinking that a hybrid approach might be best. Because all the work on the inside of the book is done it would be relatively easy to offer a premium edition of the book printed using the earlier process. I would issue this in hardcover instead of paperback and retail it for $59.95, the same price as the Eaglewall book I published. We would also release the $19.95 budget paperback at the same time. This would give customers a choice. If they really wanted top quality they could have it at a price. If not they can get the inexpensive paperback edition.
  20. The other day, my publisher told me that, most probably, a final proof draft of my Revell PT book will be ready in January.
  21. Just in case anyone is interested in knowing; The Revell book is still being edited. As soon as I hear more, I'll pass it along.
  22. Come on guys ... Submit your photos of your PT, MTB, MAS or S-boot models ... you KNOW you WANT to, you KNOW you've got 'em ... so c'mon ..... Post those bad boys. Let us have a mini-group build type of thing ... USN PTs (Revell and Italeri, Gulfstream) ... RN Vosper MTBs (Revell, Airfix and Italeri) RM MAS (Italeri and those Russian resin kits) KM Schnellboote (Revell, Airfix and Italeri) Only rule? No what-ifs .............. Come on!
  23. All, My publisher, Mr. Daley told me that the book is still at his copy editor. It'll be out soon.
  24. UPDATE From my publisher yesterday: The book is currently at the copy editor and should be done sometime next week.
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