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  1. Hi Ron, Thanks!!!!!! At some point, I'll get that kit too. And, now - with 3D printers, I can replace its 40mm and make more accurate 50s and the turreted 3-inch 50 too!
  2. For some reason, I thought it was. Was I wrong?
  3. Hello ... You, who build ship models and PT models, might be interested in knowing about this part: https://www.shapeways.com/product/M7S7KVSS4/1-48-radar-mast-for-pt-boat?li=shareProduct
  4. Hi Guys, Anyone know where I can get an example of the old AURORA or REVELL kit of the Hydrafoil TUCUMCARI? Not the newer 1:350 scale kits. But, either the AURORA or REVELL version? Thanks, Tim
  5. Hi Gil, THANKS! Have you seen that fret? Is AIRWAVES still around? Does anyone here have one which they might want to get rid of?
  6. Hi Guys: Another question ... Does anyone make detail parts for the Hasegawa 1:72 F-106A? Like an ejection seat or a cockpit insert? Thanks, Tim
  7. Hi Guys: Another question ... Does anyone make detail parts for the Hasegawa 1:72 F-106A? Like an ejection seat or a cockpit insert? Thanks, Tim
  8. Hi Guys, Can anyone tell me where I can get some decals for a REVELL 1:48 F/A-18A Hornet (USN - from any CV or CVN)? Tim
  9. May I ask a question about the resin parts : that I'm getting from MILICAST? They're : resin - does that mean my builder will need : to specially wash them or anything before : gluing them to the plastic model or to paint : them?
  10. Hello All, I want to give a huge 2 thumbs up to MILICAST MODELS and Tom Welsh in particular. I need 2 quad-50 caliber gunmounts and only those, no Halftracks and no trailers ... Today, Tom Welsh of MILICAST told me that they'd sell me the 2 gunmounts without the accompanying trailers ... That's what I call pleasing the customer. Tim
  11. Hello All, How are you? Well, the guy who said that he was going to send me two Matchbox Halftrack kits which had the quad-50 mounts never sent them. Would anyone here have two of those mounts that they'd want to get rid of? I don't need the Halftracks, I just need the quad-50 mounts. If you do, please email me at ask@ptboatworld.com. Thank you, Tim
  12. A very nice man, named Cliff, who has the screen-name of Gamera on FSM, has sent me the exact decals that I was looking for! Modelers ROCK!
  13. Thank you, Bryan. Just registered. I guess I need to get approved before I can post there. Right?
  14. Hi All, All that I'm looking for from that out-of-production STARSHIPMODELS sheet is/are the GALACTICA badges, the Starbuck name and the Cylon kill markings. That's all. So, if anyone out there who might have that sheet who wouldn't mind breaking those items off, please let me know. Thank you. Tim
  15. This is the scheme I want on my RILEY.
  16. Ooooooooooooooooooooooooh, I will. DEFINITELY sir.
  17. Hi All, Normally, I am over in SHIPS. But, last week, I bought myself the Moebius TOS Viper kit. Mainly because it brings back nice memories of my first year of college (1978) and having my dorm-mates call me Starbuck because they thought I was like that character, i.e.: smoking long, thin cigars, playing cards and chasing girls. I liked the TOS and I loved those Vipers. Since 1978 - I have wanted one and for one reason or another was never able to get one. Until now that is. Thursday, I learned that STARSHIPMODELS had an aftermarket decal sheet for this kit that had badges for the GALACTICA and PEGASUS and the TOS Viper pilots' names and even some Cylon kill markings. Does anyone here have that sheet that they'd like to get rid of? If so, would you please email me at ask@ptboatworld.com ... Thank you, Tim
  18. Hello Guys, A nice gentleman named Len Fricke sold me an old LINDBERG LINE kit of a RUDDEROW Class DE - the USS RILEY. Another nice man named Rick E. Davis sent me some parts from a SKYWAVE/PITROAD set ... and another nice man named Bill Stathis has agreed to build it for me. I just sent everything to Bill today ... I can't wait to see the finished product. I'm going to have it finished like a photo of the RILEY that I saw on NAVSOURCE. In that photo, I think the DE was in Measure 22 ... Tim
  19. Hi All ... My former publisher; CHRIS DALEY PUBLISHING was kind enough to revert the rights to the two books he published, my ITALERI PT and my REVELL PT kits books back to me when he went out-of-business. He was also kind enough to upload them to my CREATESPACE account. I just got my copies from CREATESPACE today ... I am impressed with the outcome; the photos are of better quality. Garth
  20. Christopher, I truly believe that you will like, and be impressed by the kit, and their next one as well. And, thank you for the kind words, but I don't think I'm worthy of them. But, thank you.
  21. TGarthConnelly

    Merit PT

    The Merit 1:48 scale Late War eighty-foot Elco PT boat -By- T. Garth Connelly Earlier this year, I heard that a company, Merit International, was going to be releasing two 1:48 scale kits of the eighty-foot Elco PT boat. One kit is of the eighty-foot Elco as a new-built boat would look in 1945. The other kit is of the first production series (PT-103 to PT-196), or simply put, the series of which PT-109 was an unit. I saw comments on some of the internet scale modeling sites which stated that these two kits were nothing more than scale-downed “re-pops” of the now out-of-production 1:35 scale Italeri PT-596 and the newer 1:35 scale PT-109 kits. I did not put much stock in those comments, nor did I particularly think they had any validity. That was because I did not think that a “giant” such as Italeri would stand for someone doing something like that, especially since the PT-109 is still in production and is still, for some reason, popular. Those comments were the last words I saw about these kits until this past week. Last Wednesday evening, I received an email from Tony Chin of Merit International. The email stated this: Dear Mr Connelly My name is Tony Chin and our company, Merit International is about to release 1/48 scale series of Torpedo Boats from different countries. I came up with the idea a few years back because PT Boats models are either too small in 1/72 scale or in my opinion, too big in 1/35 scale granted they are great model kits. I must admit that I had been using your great web site as reference during our research. While our first model kit will definitely have mistakes, we hope that we have minimized the mistakes to an acceptable level. Like Italeri, we have chosen the Elao 80', late type as our first release because it is laden with so much weapons and lots of conversion possibilities. The 1/48 scale model still measures 20 inches and has more than 500 parts I have attached a copy of our paint guide for your reference. Advance review sample without box is available if you are interested. If interested, kindly provide a shipping address. We look forward for your reply. All the best Tony I have to say, I was shocked and honored to receive that email. I have never had a model manufacturer reach out to me and ask for my assistance. I responded that I would be glad to help them, as much as I could. True to his word, Mr. Chin sent me a review sample of the kit. It was just the deck, hull and the sprue-trees without the decals and a small fret of photo-etched parts. Mr. Chin did send me an email with a 'proto-type' of the decal sheet and here it is: A modeler can easily finish the kit as any of the PT-565 to PT-624 production series of the Elco eighty-foot PT boat design. Of course, only the boats of Squadron 40 (PT-589 to PT-600) in 1945 was placed into service and sent to the Philippines. However, the war ended before this squadron saw action against the Japanese. The rest of the production series were not completed, placed in commission and were doing a shake-down cruise when the war ended or cancelled. The kit arrived and I poured over the sprue trees, one by one and I have to say that impressed does not begin to describe my opinion of this kit. There is absolutely no flash on any of the trees, no injection marks or anything of the kind. What impressed me the most about what I saw was the amount of detail incorporated into the kit's parts. I realize that this is the 21-st century and anything is possible and doable, and OK, I am in my mid-fifties and I tend to be amazed by technological advancements that remind me of what I saw on Star Trek, but still.... The detail is incredible! I can debunk the claim that this kit is just a scaled down re-pop of the 1:35 scale PT-596 kit. How can I make such a statement? Simple. The Italeri kit had the after, port machine gun turret molded as part of the dayroom kit. This kit does not. The turret is a separate piece which is meant to be attached to the dayroom cabin. Another thing which impressed me was the way how the .50-caliber machine guns and the Bofors 40mm M3 would go together. The same thing can be said about the 20mm would go together. I was a little skeptical about that mount because of what I saw in a sample of the proposed box-art. In the painting, the 20mm on the foredeck appears to be on a Mark IV mount instead of the correct Mark X mount. Mr. Chin sent me the kit instructions and what I saw in them relieved me. The 20mm from the kit is on the correct mount. It is also very accurate as well. When asked why did Merit International decided to do a late-war Elco PT boat, Mr. Chin said this, We were choose between the Elco or the Higgins boat as our first release and we have decided to make the Elco 80 first because: 1. Influence of JFK, "PT-109" movie and the overall historical fame of the Elco 80, although Elco 80 were not used in the movie. 2. The movie "They were Expandable" used Elco 80, although they should have been different Elco boats. This made the Elco 80 a better choice because it will be better received by modelers. We will make the first 2 releases as the "late type" and "early type" rather than a PT-109. Of course, modelers can easily customize the "early type" to become a "PT-109" When asked about what resources did they use in the development of the kit, Mr. Chin said this, We used a lot of materials from available books and web sites and we study work from modelers perfecting their build on various PT Boats model kits. We actually used a old 1/72 model for a basic scan and then use printed hull shape data to re-pot the correct shape and outline. We hope we will not offend anyone by doing this The price of the kit, according to Mr. Chin, The MSRP is $93.00 When asked if there would be photo-etched brass details for the kit, Mr. Chin said, There are some P/E that comes with the model kit but it is our understanding that no matter how well we fair, after market companies will always manage to create fantastic products to super detail the model. We have to consider overall retail price and ease to build vs. making the model kit too expensive and difficult to build. Finally, Mr. Chin commented, Our next release is not be a "PT-109", it will be released as a Elco 80 "Early type". I do have one such "Nose Art" in mind for the release,... then again, I think it is better to leave it to the after market manufacturers to help. They are so good in coming up with something of interest and hopefully help expand the interest on the PT boats to the next level. In all, we are hoping to provide an affordable priced kit as the platform and let the aftermarket manufacturers and modelers to run wild with it. We hope the modeling community will support our concept. There will be a 3rd variant to the Elco 80 series of model kits and we will make a release in our "Built and Painted" series of models as well. In conclusion, I think that ship modelers will embrace this kit and the next one from Merit International. What's more, from what I saw in the instructions and on the sprue trees, the kit(s) will be an enjoyable and stress-free build.
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