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  1. Thanks for all of the advice, looks like it will be the jeep first. Maybe I will be brave enough to post some pics. It would be nice to receive some more advice and have critiques done by the vets around here. Oh, and Les, your comment about "moving up to ships was very funny. It also triggered another thought/question. I am interested in all types of military modelling, but would it be best fro me to stick with one class, i.e armor, aircraft, etc..., until I am comfortable with it (trying to avoid the phrase "master it" here) because I had planned to switch between all types on a regular basis.



  2. Not sure this is the proper forum for this question, so please excuse my lack of "Forum Etiquette" if I am posting in the wrong place.


    Having said that, I am searching for any suggestions as to where I should begin in my return to modelling. My current interests are in the military aspect of modeling, anything 20th century. While I understand my first few efforts will not be display worthy, I do wish to take my project from beginning to end. That is, no matter what the result, I hope to practice as many techniques as possible. I also hope to achieve some level of realism by the time I finish the project.


    Can anyone think of a good jumping off point for me ? I do have a couple of kits that I bought a few years back, when I first entertained the thought of returning to our hobby, and never had the opportunity to build. I have a Tamiya Willys Jeep 1/35th, an Apache helicopter (Revell, 1/72 ?), and a couple of figure kits.


    My goal is to be building by the first of the year. I am moving next week and am claiming my own space for my modelling. It will be small, but it will be mine :smiley20: .


    Oh, one other thing. I do not own an airbrush. Is this going to be a hinderance in my ability to create high quality models ?

  3. Hey everyone, just getting back into scale modeling after many many years away from the hobby. I would label myself a beginner with little experience at this point, though I built hundreds as a kid. I feel fairly comfortable with the building aspect, it's the painting and weathering that is going to be a challenge for me, and I have a great deal to learn. I have no doubt that this will be a great place to learn from those more experienced than myself. I joined IPMS/USA, and will be looking into joining my local chapter. We also have several very nice model/hobby shops right here in SouthEast Michigan that I can visit for tips and advice.

    I have such a broad interest in military history, my first task will be to narrow down the field somewhat and actually get started. I encourage any suggestions. Well thanks for showing interest in this "noobie".

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