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  1. The Tholian Web Scale Modeling forum is having an In Forumcontest starting with Autos. It is allfor fun, so come join in on the conversations at http://thetholianweb...phpbb/index.php. Also we are now the Hosting forum for thesesSpecial Interest Groups. Sci-Fi/Fantasy,Blue & Gray Modelers (Civil War), Heavy Haulers, (Commercial Vehicles), andthe Two Wheeled Modelers (Motorcycles). So be sure to stop by and check it our, we would love to have newcontributors to the forum. The Tholian Web Forum Tholian.
  2. One of the Original 12 Constitution class ships. Made this from the Polar Lights 1/1000 scale Enterprise kits.
  3. For those of you out there that visit more than one Forum, I just started a new Scale Modeling Forum off my Website www.TheTholianWeb.com. I am inviting everyone to join up as it may be a basic feel of Science-Fiction/Fantasy. Plus it is the Official Website/Forum for the Sci-Fi/Fantasy SIG. But I have all the other modeling sections as well and the more members, the merrier. Please don't think I am trying to draw you away from this message board, Just want those who like to Multi-task to join up with my Forum as well. Thanks, and hope to chat with you. Directly to the Forum
  4. Just so you are all aware, the Site for the Sci-Fi Fantasy SIG has changed to www.TheTholianWeb.com. Also there is a forum site for the SIG if you would like to sign up. Everyone is welcome. Tom
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