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  1. If only we could get you to stay away from ships & cars, I think your aircraft skills would improve tenfold rolleyes.gif


    Keep cranking them out for those of us who can't, Mark.


    Ish, at home for once


    Ahhh but Ish, cars and ships are my first love.:)


    Good to see you home buddy...

  2. My name is Mark and I am returning to the IPMS forums. I have been a member of IPMS in the past (#40052), but have let my membership expire.


    I am 48, live in Indianapolis and build mostly racing cars, civil aircraft and ships. I dabble in most other subjects with the exception of figures and sci-fi. I build in whatever scale the subject I want is in. I am also a member of, and the webmaster for, the local IPMS chapter... IPMS Roscoe Turner.

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