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  1. After calling around to some of the aftermarket vendors, I did find a resin kit that does have the exhausts. CMK sent me an email saying the engine I wanted does not have exhausts and the reason being was so people could make their own exhausts! For anyone who has ever tried building the 801 engine, making the exhaust system is a nightmare. I still can't understand why they didn't make the exhausts but hey I'm just a builder.:wacko:

  2. I have a CZECH Master resin kit of the BMW801 engine that was on the FW190. It does not have the resin exhausts and was wondering if anyone knows of either an aftermarket supplier of that type/shape of exhaust or will I have to scratchbuild them.

  3. Great job! I will always have a soft spot in my heart for these planes as I spent much of my USAF career turning wrenches on them. Excellent work on both of these Hercs. Can't wait to see more!






    I love the Herc, made quite a few jumps out of that bird. In fact, we had one at Bragg back in the late 60's to have one engine flame out and it still unleashed the paratroopers and got back to Pope AB fine.

  4. I've been working on a series of Bf110's and other than what the exterior colors are (I have most ALL books on Luftwaffe colors and camoflage), I need help with the color of the inside of the fuselage and wheel wells and engine compartment. Anyone know if the color Green Zinc Chromate is a close approximation?

    Thanks for any help.


  5. Cutting Edge used to make some nice resin update sets especailly for the Monogram Bf110G. Does anyone know of any other company making this update set or does anyone have one of the Cutting Edge sets they'd be willing to sell? thanks in advance for any help.


  6. Funny this topic came up!


    I am (still) in the process of organizing my books, and came across some of these. "Back in the day" I got much enjoyment out of them, and did learn a great deal. NOW, I never look at them, and actually forgot that I had a few. At this point, I am not sure if I am going to keep them, ,or pass them on to someone else who will enjoy them. I'm on the fence, but leaning toward putting them in the "go" pile.

    Tim, my 11 year old nephew and now my 8 1/2 year old nephew are getting into modeling. I've been working with them since we moved back to KY last year and it's been a very positive experience. Long story short their father abandoned them (and their 3 other siblings) this past November and modeling has really been a big help in keeping them from focusing on being angry and such. If you do decide to get rid of any of your books (or old kits for that matter) I'd be more than willing to cover any costs. It's been a bit of a struggle but we're makin' progress with the oldest boys.:) Feel free to email or PM me anytime and I can explain more if you like.


    I just bought 2 Bf109 modeling guides.

    1. The Messerschmitt Bf 109, A Comprehensive Guide For The Modeler, Part 1: Prototype to "E" Variants (2005) and

    2. Ibid, Part 2: "F" to "K" Variants (2007)


    Both are by Lynn Ritger from SAM Publications


    I have tons of the modeling books about German armor, especially the ones from ACHTUNG PANZER and Sturm and Drang.


    Argh! I'm looking for Part 1! I've got Part 2 at least. Mind if I ask where you got yours as SAM Publications lists it as being OOP.:(





    P.S. I've attached a few pics of the boys, Michael (11) and Anthony (8).





    I bought both of them off of eBay last week and they are both brand new. Some guy out of NY was selling them at $39.00 a piece. I bought Part 1 then thought after 2 days I need to go ahead and get Part 2 which I did. SAM Pubs is the distributor and one was published in '05, the other in '07 so I don't understand why one is OOP. might try eBay and enter those words as a search term. Also check OOP books on Google. They both are AWESOME in detail, I figured well another book on just models and how they are built but these are so detailed with info I couldn't beleive the treasure I bought. Good luck finding the one you need.

  7. I just bought 2 Bf109 modeling guides.

    1. The Messerschmitt Bf 109, A Comprehensive Guide For The Modeler, Part 1: Prototype to "E" Variants (2005) and

    2. Ibid, Part 2: "F" to "K" Variants (2007)


    Both are by Lynn Ritger from SAM Publications


    I have tons of the modeling books about German armor, especially the ones from ACHTUNG PANZER and Sturm and Drang.

  8. I remember seeing a LOT of deuce and a half's in Nam. One in particular was painted all black and the name was Black Widow. It had a .50 cal mount above the driver, an 81mm mortar in the center of the rear bed and a .60 cal MG at each corner. Sandbags on the floor 3 deep to 'protect' from land mines.

  9. Mike, it was really good meeting you at the model contest and show. I now have a Classic Airframes A and D Bf109. Thank you for the kit also. I did notice the attendence on the Smoky Mt Mini-Con has gone down since the last time I was living in Knoxville. All in all I had a great time, met some old club members like Ken King, P-Rat and Kurt and a few others but can't remember their names.

  10. I guess I did get hold of one of the last runs. The flash was so bad too. I spent most of the day today cleaning things up and it will lodge in the display case BEHIND other kits. :smiley19: Nedless to say I am sticking with Tamiya, Hasegawa, Revell, Monogram and the few Classic Airframe kits I do have. Has anyone built a kit fromn the Check co ICC? Are they good kits. The local hobby shop has a few but before I invest anymore money I want o know what they're like. Thanks guys appreciate the input.

    I'll be in Knoxville this weekend with Mike Moore to pick up another Classic Airframes kit and look forwad to seeing some old modeling buddies.

  11. I was given a Bf109C model and I have to tell you it sucks! Things don't fit, I had to shim items, the struts holding the rudders don't line up and in general to me anyway is a BAD kit manufacturer. Anyone else have the problems with HobbyCraft?

  12. I had to take a break from this new well drilling rig. more complicated and intense than even I realized. So what did I do... start building German WW2 planes.:smiley29: I'm waiting on a resin engine I ordered out of Australia for the drilling engine, but got really involved with planes again. Like lions and tigers and bears... well it's planes and tanks and scratchbuilts.:smiley14: I hope to have the rig finished by mid to late summer so I can send the article off to IPMS Journal. gotta love plastic.:smiley20:

  13. hey Mike, thanks for your reply. I'll send you a PM . I bought a Classic Airframe 109D today but I still want an A model.


    By the way Mike, what is the date for the Ktown show? I lived in Ktown for almost 12 years.

  14. I was looking at eBay tonight and saw this kit for sale. someone had already bought it but I'm still looking for anyone who may be willing to sell one if they have one and are willing to part with it. I'm also ready to pay decent money for one as well. I was reading about Classic Airframes earlier and like what I saw about their kits. Anyone know why they went out of Business or where I may find a Bf109A or Bf109C/D??

    Thanks, Jim


    also I see some models with a center line down the back of the fuselage and some models look like that join is sanded smooth. The books I have on the Bf109 show the plane as having a seam down the back where the sides meet at the top. Which is correct or are they both correct?

  15. Okay, I stopped working on tanks, had to lay off the scratchbuilding for a while and delved back into airplanes. I have 9 german 1/72 or 1/48 planes in various stages of construction but need to know what RLM colors the bombs were. Anyone know?

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