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    USMC Trucks Help

    Hi Mark, The Marines did use the M35A2 in Vietnam. You are talking about the M35A2 2 1/2? Here is a reference too. I served in the Corps. and enjoy building Marine Corps. Vic's. Hey do you use enamels for a base coat and how do you do an enamel wash over them? http://www.themech.org/roster.html Pappy
  2. Thanks Mike, I will give it a shot ane see what comes out of my air brush. I have noticed alot of OD is a brown color or gray color. It seems that WW2 tanks especialy Marine Corps. tanks are green. Do you know of any good green OD's? Thanks for the help
  3. Pappy

    USMC Trucks Help

    Hi, Has any one came across any 1/35th scale USMC Trucks like an International M5/6 or an International M2.4? I know that the Marines did not use any GMC 2 1/2 or Dodege WC's but, I could be wrong. Any information will help / Pictures too. Thanks. Pappy
  4. Interesting question. I have noticed that American tanks call for OD but, all the OD is a brown color. US armor seem to be green and which color would you requmend for over all color of us equipment?
  5. Where are you picking up White Ensign Color Coats in the States?
  6. Pat, I use testors liquid cement to clean my air brush with Q-tips. Seem to remove any type of paint off of a model and same for a metal air brush. Hope this helps. Pappy
  7. I have been using a Badger 250 air brush for years and I have found out that cleaning a metal airbrush is easyest and it does no matter if it is acrylic, enamel, or lacquer paint. I use Testore liquid cement. Try not to run it through the airbrush because, it will melt down the plastic ring. Hope this helps Pappy.
  8. What type of thinner do you get in Mr. Color with the solvent based acrylics? I have some russian green and I thought I would give testors lacquer thinner and have been having diffaculties.
  9. Pappy

    Russian Tank Green

    Does anyone know who makes a spot on acrylic for Russian equipment. Testors Russian Armor Green seem to blue and Russian Tanks seem to be a yellowish green. http://www.photoka.info/zis5/index.htm
  10. I have been trying to finde out if there was any use of the M4 composit hall Shermans by the US Marines? Any pictures will help. Thanks. Pappy
  11. I have been trying to figure out which O.D. in acrilics is the closest to the U.S. when air brushing? It seems that Testors is very gray and Tamiya is to brown. U.S. tanks of WW2 seen to be of a more greener shade. I know PollyS was deleted by Testors. "What a shame" Thanks for your help. Pappy
  12. Hi, The turret bands varied. Most of them were hand painted by the tanks crews. I know this is a picture of a Marine M3 but, I have built this and just want to show it as an example. Have fun. Pappy http://albanyipms.com/zenphoto/models/armor/1-35/-/
  13. Hi Mark, The tires are bullet proof; they have a foam core so they will not go flat. This is why the vehicles would get stuck in the mud so well. You would un bolt the wheels to re-install new tires. Some time the British would put tires from a 15 cwt on a wc 51 / 52. Hope this helps. Pappy
  14. Which color is the best match to OD in acrlics?
  15. Does anyone know if the U.S. Marines used the M4 composit hall sherman in WW2? I do know that the Marines used M4A1's, M4A2's, and M4A3's. I have a nice Dragon kit and would like to make it a Marine Corps. version if they were used. Sence I served in the Marines. Does any one have any pictures too. Thanks. Pappy.
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