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  1. I found this video very intersting. I served in Iraq and Somalia and feel the same way. Please watch.
  2. Pappy


    Here is a video of T55 / T62 / T64's http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m0UmthizYSc&feature=related I spent 6 years in the Marine Corps. and I see alot of modelers make this mistake. They darken their models with a wash. I have never seen a tank get darker over time only lighter. Hope you enjoy the video. Keith
  3. Pappy


    Hi Donnie, I enjoy building Russian equipment. T62's in Russian hands were 4B0 green over all for the duration of cold war. Testors Russian Green; I don't know what russian tanks this was on it is too blue. Do you like to air brushing in acrilics? Here is a paint formula for 4B0 Testors color. 1) Prime your tank in yellow. 2) Paint in 4B0. 4736 Interior Green 1 bottel Add 4606 Raw Umber 2 eye dropers Mix Well. 3) Spray Testors Semi-gloss over this and you will have a Russin Green T62. Hope this helps, Keith
  4. Pappy

    USMC Trucks / Help

    Is there any liderature on vehicals that the Marines used during WWII?
  5. Pappy

    USMC Trucks / Help

    Does any know if there were any GMC CCKW's or Dodge WC's used by the Marines in WWII?
  6. Pappy

    New Paint

    Hey All, I have found a new paint line. So if you like air brushing with acrylics give Model Maker Z a shot. Here is their web address. http://www.modelmakerz.com/firm.html Try it out and see what you think. Keith
  7. Pappy

    M3 Stuart

    Hi I have built one of these old Tamaiya kits too. I replaced the incorectly pined track with AFV individual links. I also replced the gun barrel with one from lion mark. Over all a nice kit. Yes I put in USMC colors. Once a Marine always a Marine. http://albanyipms.com/zenphoto/models/armor/1-35/-/ I like the job you did on yours what color green did you use over all?
  8. Pappy

    Resin Help

    Hi, I was wondering if there are any other then super glue for glue resin plastic to resin or to regular pastic models? Thanks. Keith
  9. Sneeky Nazis; doing the alignment like a tiger tank. OYH!
  10. I like Russian armor and the reason there is no Storage on the tanks is because the tanks doubled as troop transports. Markings were painted on by the crews or tank regiments. This is why you don't see a good numbering system either.
  11. Pappy

    DS Tracks / Help

    I have purchased a M50 Isherman and it has DS Tracks in it. The instructions say to cut in some links and you have to install the guide teeth. How does one glue the teeth to the tracks and glue in extra links on vinal tracks. Any help will be great. Thanks
  12. Pappy

    Punch and Die

    Hi, I am not trying to make a statement by the title of this; I am actually looking for a Punch and Die set from Waldron and where I can purchase one. If there is anyone that has used one before; what did you think? Thanks. Keith
  13. Don't feel bad. The turms Differ in different branches of the military. Something towed behing a vehical in the Marines are called a Drag.
  14. Hey Duke, Awesome job they all look good. What paint did you use on the Russian Armor? Keith
  15. Has anyone worked with Model Maker Z paints and where are they avalible?
  16. These are acrylic paints. I could not find where they are for sail at. http://www.jpsmodell.de/main_e.htm I think this is their sight.
  17. Does anyone know if JPS Model paint are avalible? Where can I find the to buy?
  18. Does anyone know where to gat JPS Modell Paints?
  19. Pappy

    Wash that tank Help

    Hey Mark, Did you say you are into Israeli Armor because, I am building a M51 Isherman. It is the Acadamy kit. Came about that my wife asked my seince I am Jewesh. Why don't I have any Israel tanks built? Having a fun time building it. Do you have any tips or tricks if you have built this kit before? Pappy
  20. Pappy

    Wash that tank Help

    Hi Mark, Does the lacquer work well with both Testors and Humbrol? How do you thin Mr. Color, i feel that these are the hardest to work with. Pappy :)
  21. Pappy

    Showing Off 2

  22. Pappy

    Showing Off

    Enjoy http://albanyipms.com/zenphoto/models/armor/1-35/4/ http://albanyipms.com/zenphoto/models/armor/1-35/3/ http://albanyipms.com/zenphoto/models/armor/1-35/2/ http://albanyipms.com/zenphoto/models/armor/1-35/2/ Pappy
  23. I have had issues with doing a wash over enamel paints. It seen like you can not wash oil / enamel paint over with out removing or mixing with the base coat. I have never used future and does this not leave a gloss coat over the paint? How can I go about this with out using future? Thanks. Pappy
  24. Pappy

    USMC Trucks Help

    Hi Mark, I have a Acadamy kit of the M35 and it is a A2 version. Marines like to use diesal vehicals. It is eazy to get diesal fule fron the Nave ships. Pappy
  25. Pappy

    USMC Trucks Help

    Hi Mike, I know for a fact that the M35A2's were used in Iraq and in Somalia. I served in both areas in the Corps. Road around in some and I got to say; what a hard ride. It is almost like being kicked by a mule or riding in a buck board. The M35A2's were painted in 3 color nato, the wheel were in black and in the deserts; pinkish tan the under bodies were left in nato green. Pappy
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