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  1. Here in Denver, Colorado, we have such low humidity and mostly mild weather, that one can model and airbrush in the house (with proper ventilation) or in a garage all year. I'm lucky that I have a nice basement to work in. Always cool there in the summer. About the only time I have to be careful when airbrushing is when the clothes dryer is running, then it can, on rare occasions, cause water to build up in the airbrush. I have a water trap that has cured that issue. I've never had to model in a garage, and I suppose that that could get a bit chilly in the winter. It has been rainy here. This is one of Colorado's rainiest Mays, but I haven't had a problem with anything not drying. I suppose in other states in the Southwest, Arizona for example, it would be the same. (You'd really need A/C there though). I think I'll stay here. Doug
  2. Well, I finished the Dragon 1/35 Sherman III, and am taking a little break from armor. So I'm about done with a 1/48 Tamaiy Mosquito as a PR version, just need to paint the canopy now. Hate doing canopies. In the paint drying time, I'm working on the Dragon 1/700 San Diego, done as the San Juan, and also the Dragon 1/700 Randolph, Essex class. It was started about a year ago, but the little 20mm guns wore me out. I recovered. It's fun to do something different now and then. I'll be back to tanks in a little bit. Also trying to finish up the old Monogram Lunar Modual I started a real long time ago with the idea of doing an interior for it. Forget that now, just do it otb and get it out of the way.. I have weened myself off the overrated AMS. Now it's just a matter of building them. So far this year, I've finished 26 models, so when these 4 get done it'll be an even 30! Being off work has some benifits. As you can see, I also don't spend a lot of time on the internet, or bother posting. Later, Doug
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