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  1. Eric,


    No need for that, I can see it in the deposit she made on November 30. Since Marie is still trying to catch up, I went ahead and updated your membership. If you changed anything like your phone or email, send me the changes to Treasurer@ipmsusa.org or update them yourself on the new site (don't post them here). You are now good through 12/15/2022, and can see that your renewal is posted on the new membership pages. You can also print a new membership card there if you like. Thanks for renewing, and sorry for the delay.



  2. Tony,

    Your membership was updated back in November and you are renewed through 11/20/2023.


    Marie handles the check payments and I know she is still behind. She is catching up as fast as she can.

    The good news for you and everyone else is that our new system is now live and you can log in to see exactly what your status is at any time. In the future, if you pay by PayPal or credit card, your membership will update as soon as you enter it. Snail mail and checks will still need extra time since that process is fairly manual. You should have gotten an email from Dave Lockhart explaining the new system and pointing you to the log in instructions. I have attached them below in case you need them. Let us know what you think.

    Happy New Year,


    Treasurer, IPMS/USA

    Membership System First Time Visit Instructions.pdf

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