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  1. A problem that I've been having with my Badger 150 is that the nozzles never get clean. Right now the fine and medium nozzles are both clogged but soaking in thinner. And I can't figure out how to unclog them. Everytime I use them they get clogged again. So what are some techniques to getting them unclogged besides poking the small needle through all the time and after use how would you keep them clean? Or is it just better to get new nozzles?
  2. Odd thing is I can't find any Tamiya products here in my local hobby shops.
  3. Well right now I'm working with the Squadron white stuff, but where would you find the Tamiya thin glue I've never seen that or heard of Aves.
  4. Right now I'm working on a 1/72 Tomcat and can't figure out how to putty the small gaps with out the putty either drying too quickly or having it turn into small bits and break apart. I know to tape off the areas but I just can never get the putty in completely.
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