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  1. Does anybody know where I can find decals for VF-33 or VF-142, MIG Killer back in 1972, in 1/48 scale?
  2. Thanks Ken, that was nice of you. I found the same pages, and keep coming up with the decals that depict the CAG before the deactivation of the squadron, and I too saw those guys on ARC wanting the Fox One decals. I'm wondering if I could make it myself by just finding some good HQ prints and copy those images on to decal paper, and I'm sure with a model kit of a J the rest would come with the sheet provided ie. danger areas no step, us roundel, etc. But the problem I'm coming across is I might be able to make it myself with decal paper but when I find HQ pictures of people who have built that plane they are taken at an angle, and I don't know that if I can just select one spot on the picture to make flat so that it could be a decal. I believe not? Sorry i'm looking for 1/48 Great news Ken I found this page but don't believe they are selling them any more, can tell if they are in business? http://modelingmadness.com/scotts/decals/f172001.htm
  3. Thanks for the help ken, unfortunately I can't find any decals of "SilverKite 211"
  4. I recently bought the Revell F-4C/D kit, and was going to make either Old's or Ritchie's plane. But now am reconsidering, and thinking about making Cur Dose's plane. Problem is i have a C/D and VF-92 flew Js. Plus do the decals for his plane even exist? And is it possible to convert a C/D to a J?
  5. Thanks Ken, that sounds like a good idea to try. i think I will. But 2 questions you hold it by the gear what if you were making a Tomcat, and put 3 sticks under each wheel, 1 for the nose gear. And then taped the sticks down so they wouldn't move and held it by the forward part and the aft section and moved it back and forth over the sand sticks so that all the wheels would be at the same level. would that be a slight variation that could work on the way you do yours? Or could that risk breaking off a gear? And when you go back and paint them do you airbrush or just a quick stroke with a brush?
  6. That's what I was trying to say, but maybe didn't say it in the right way. Should I tape the nose gear and main gear all together and sand them so that they all are sanded at the same height? Or should I do it 1 by 1 and eyeball it to see if it is on the same level as the others. IMO I'd do it symmetrically so that all are at the same height, cause doing it separately you could risk 1 being lower than the others.
  7. Ok if they need to be sanded a little should the be sanded universally or sand the main gear separate from the nose gear?
  8. That's what I thought but didn't know. Thanks
  9. IS it worth it if you want to put a model in a show to sand down the tires universally so they look like they are on the ground, or just leave them round?
  10. I agree I have been mainly viewing it inside, and not in natural sunlight , which is where most planes stay. So when I take it out into the sun the color changes dramatically. So I wouldn't touch it either, plus I used what the directions said FS36440.
  11. Here's what i have so far almost ready for a final coat but first need to doing some touching up. you think the grey is too dark? I used FS36440
  12. Actually surprisingly I have about 5 pics of this aircraft and the top control surfaces aren't white, I know it surprised me too. Kinda hard to see from this angle but look at the port flaps
  13. Well i guess I just didn't add one important fact and that is I'm modeling the last Tomcat at the retirement. Here's a picture.
  14. I am building a 1/72 usn tomcat, and would like to know for a 80s style camo with light ghost grey and white with the waves on the sides are the waves the same on either side or random since you can't see it at the same time?and was that the correct grey color?and also after airbrushing it i have a lot of dust on some areas can you get that off by sanding?
  15. I just decided to buy another of he same kit, and use the 2nd kits parts for my current project and when the replacements come add them to the 2nd kit.
  16. Hadn't thought of that. Right now the only turntable I have is my mom's who uses it for cooking. So don't want to get paint on it. But a plastic cheap one would be great.
  17. What is the best way to paint a piece using an airbrush if you don't have a turn table?
  18. I ordered about six replacement parts for a 1/72 Tomcat that I'm building. To be exact they are all 3 landing gears. Bt anyway I called Revell and they rep said that it'd take 12 WEEKS just to get them shipped? I can't believe that. I mean I'm not paying for anything, but is Revell good at shipping replacements or not? And does it take that amount of time to ship, sheesh!
  19. I have finally found a way, possibly described before , of a basic cleaning after each use. And that is take some Q-tips and clean the head and then clean the needle and using micro brushes clean the inside of the nozzle and head til you can see a full circle. And not just a small cresent or circle with bulges, cause then stuff is still in there. Odd thing is I have a Badger 150 and with the tubes that transfer the paint from the jar into the brush through a small plastic tube, the past few weeks I've been thinking either the brush is broken, or the paint is too thick. Cause all that came out was air, no paint. Then I thought maybe the tube is right at the bottom. So I cut off 1/8 of an in and now it works. All that time for such a small problem. I hate that type of problem in life.
  20. How frequently should you do an overhaul on the entire thing?
  21. When you say cure what exactly do you mean? Are you saying that overtime putty will lose its strength and fall out?
  22. Well recently I have been using enamil paints,and I think that lacquer thinner and enamils don't go together.So if you are using enamils as paints what would you clean the airbrush with besides lacquer thinner?
  23. I have never tried this technique before but for me it works great. I'm using the Squadron white stuff,and decided so it won't dry on spot I just took the putty knife and stuck it in the tube itself and took out the putty that was at the tip and works well.
  24. Is what you described for airbrushes in general or the parts you described go with the badger 150?
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