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  1. Well the main reason i'm reluctant to do the washing is because i'm afraid I'd ruin it. I've never done that before and don't know how hard to press down or what to use to wash the parts with. Or how much soap and water to use and should they soak or be taken out immediately?
  2. IS there a way to test on one of the pieces of sprue by painting it to see if it needs washing before, or the paint will hold? Or is it just a decision?
  3. So from what you have said you would recommend to not soak them but just use them as is?
  4. I recently got an F-4J resin cockpit, and either read or somebody told me that the way they make resin pieces yo have to soak them in soapy water before you can put any paint on. Is this true? If so for how long?
  5. Looking Good Gil! Love the cockpit
  6. No I left some clear carrier on. So I didn't cut to the edge. But I like what somebody told me and that is use fine sand paper to sand them. The problem is it may make these pop off which I don't want. So I wodner should I do that or not?
  7. How exactly do you polish them with out ripping them or peeling them up, and what do you use? I have never heard another modeler tell me about polishing. This is new to me Jay.
  8. Well i agree with Ron, I'll give it a few more coats and see how it looks. But to answer your questions I don't know the brand, and I coated the areas of where the decals were going with micro set then added micro sol after they were on the, 1/72 scale, aircraft. And still just 1 light coat of gloss really can't answer the question just yet IMO. But after 2-4 then I'd start to try and think why it isn't working. We shall see.
  9. I don't know why but I have used future and a gloss coat, and I can still see the outline of the decals. So I'm wondering how can that go away, with lots of little coats? Or something else?
  10. So you're saying on east coast carriers pad eyes were painted white, and west coast they were grey?Well what color grey is the flight deck?
  11. Well with the Constellation and Kitty Hawk, with the plan views I've seen of them the tie downs were white. But of the Nimitz class I've only seen grey. But do you know what color grey? I would say panzer grey.
  12. I'm trying to design a 1/72 nimitz class carrier deck. But I don't know if the gap below a tie down is either white or grey as the tie down itself.
  13. None that I know of. Any computer art program can be used to produce artwork for decals, so decal-specific software is really not necessary. What you need is a vector program with a large selection of color libraries, including the Pantone colors used by just about every printer, if you intend to produce decals commercially. Adobe Illustrator is my recommendation. I'm not trying to do it commercially but just so that I can resize it without having the problem of the image being distorted.
  14. Non pixalated programs like Corel Draw and Adobe Illustrator are ones I'm trying to find. But there aren't any programs geared specifically for model decals?
  15. I currently don't have any program that will create custom decals for me. So i'm wondering what is the best that is easy to use and afford?
  16. I don't believe it is the paper because most of them are sticking very well. I t5hink I just haven't had practice with using Micro Sol very much and never applied it to some, and instead it went with the water. But I won't do that any more, I'll wait till I can see the decal fully and not any drop of water then apply the micro sol.
  17. Thanks for the tip Dick will try. I thought of 1 thing though, and that is maybe the Micro-Sol was never applied to some decals, and those are the ones coming off. My theory is that I use a too much water to move the decal into position or I don't absorb the excess water after it's in position. So what has really been happening is when I put the decal in the general area it then still has more than enough water needed, and once it's ready to have the micro sol put on I haven't absorbed enough water away to let the Micro Sol get on the decal, instead it is "painted" into the water. I thought that you had to see the water to know there was enough to apply micro sol. But I realized that the decal is wet so absorb excess water and when you can see just the decal then apply the micro sol. Does this sound logical?
  18. I did put a gloss coat on prior, and have 2 of the same sheets. So if 1 pops off then I use the other sheet to replace it and hope it sticks. But yes I do use my hands a little to put the decal on, but then once on I use a razor knife to move it. Is there any way to keep them from popping off? Weird thing is when I use ones from the 2nd sheet they stay on along with ones from the first sheet. Like a minute ago a yellow one was coming off so I decided to experiment and see if putting some Micro-Sol would keep it on, so I put that back on and the decal layed flat to the surface and is drying.
  19. I don't know why but I am in the middle of putting the decals on a 1/72 Tomcat. And every once and a while I'll be putting some decals on after letting the others dry and then my finger bumps one and it pops off. It has happened to me probably 5 times. The technique I use is soak it put it on the plane and then apply Micro Sol to let it set. But I have no clue as to why they keep popping off. Will a clear coat of gloss lock them in place when I'm done?
  20. Great job Michael, looks great. You know I've always wanted to see the Goblin as an eggplane, like companies do with hornets, mustangs,eagles, phantoms, etc. I wonder how small the Goblin would be if it was an eggplane.
  21. I called them and listed on the site are items they don't even have in stock.
  22. Thanks for the help Dave, but I don't have that kind of experience in modeling to completely redo a Phantom and turn it into another version. So I decided to go ahead and buy Hasegawa's 1/48 F-4J. But now I'm trying to find all the reference pictures I can to create decals just by copying the images of Silver Kite 211, and making them into decals. And a problem I'm facing is trying to find a way to put the black 211 on top of the yellow 211 on nose . And I can only figure out that in order to do so you need to just use black stencil lettering, or is there a way to put 2 colors on top? Such as on this site http://homepage.swissonline.ch/PMojzisek/P.../f4J%20VF92.htm
  23. Has anybody order from a site like this? And gotten their items, or do they just take your info? http://www.happyhobby.com/hobb_html/microscale_decal_+.htm
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