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  1. I did used around 3-4 coats of future before applying any decals, just to be sure. So it's a result of the decal on the future and will disappear?
  2. I bought a decal sheet from Afterburner decals of East Coast SuperBug CAGS, 1/48 scale. now i have never used 2 decal sheets, 1 for the Hasegawa Super Hornet along with the 2nd decal sheet from Afterburner. But once I had put on some decals fromt he afterburner sheet I saw a white color develop around those decals, and not the Hasegawa ones. When i put water on it it causes the white color to dissipate but it then comes back. In my opinion I believe it is the afterburner decal sheet, but don't know? Has anybody seen this before? With the scheme that I'm using it'll be hard to repaint those small areas with decals surrounding them. I'm afraid the paint would cover up the decal.
  3. I agree, I've been using 20-25 psi. So must be the thickness.
  4. The only explanation i can come up with is the paint is to thick. But i hadn't thought about the variations in color that would make it look better, thanks
  5. I keep getting an uneven coat when i paint the horney i am working on. i have painted it twice and the first time gave me some light and other dark areas. so i shot it again and was slightly better,but still had a slight mix of light and dark. Is this an issue of texture that can be fixed with sand paper, or is it a color issue? i am baffled.
  6. Probably not, this coming week I got finals in my 4 courses. So i'll be rather busy. But I'll definitely have her done for JaxCon.
  7. Now she's painted and almost ready for decals!
  8. burner12

    E-2C refs

    Ahhh you beat me to it Hanson. Yeah that's a very helpful book.
  9. That's a shocking Sea Hurricane Gil. Well Done!
  10. Does anybody know why the third antenna on a Super Hornet is sometimes connected other times not? I know it is the automatic direction finder, I read in " The Modern Super Hornet Guide" which i'm using as a reference, great book it said the ADF is rarely used. But the more I look at pictures the more I see it's attached, and I see some pics where there are 3 antenna.While other pics only show 2 antenna. Why is it sometimes not connected or used? This Gladiator doesn't have it http://www.airfighte...-Hornet/166659/ But this Gladiator has it below and forward of the national insignia, between the 2 angled antennas http://www.airfighte...-Hornet/166453/
  11. carpio that is just spectacular! I love the exhaust areas and up front.
  12. Thanks in the beginning she was the "green hornet", but later after a light coat became the grey hornet. Still have some places to touch up then will start on the doors
  13. Started this kit about 3 months ago. Also included a Aires resin cockpit. Plans are to paint it as VFA-31 Tomcatters CAG bird. A few more after more progress
  14. Interesting, must have the paint too thick, and pressure too high.
  15. No what i mean by "smooth finish" is that it comes out nice and fine, no puddles, or splotches, just right showing the detail. Didn't know about changing the pressure for different uses, thanks
  16. Thanks guys souns like it is a compressor issue. Currently I am using a compressor for auto shops that can go up at least 100psi and has no moisture trap only an air tank.
  17. Not with the one I'm currently using. When you say clean the brush, what I essentially do is unscrew the forward nozzle clean it using thinner, then make sure I can see straight through it, next I clean the needle and make sure no paint is on it, and I continue to check to make sure no paint is blocking the piece that produces the air, the piece behind the nozzle. This is all done after I have run thinner through the brush 'til all that was coming out was thinner. Is that right correct way to do it? Because I have never "overhauled" the brush, and don't know how to do it.
  18. Well I always clean after I use it,except I have the pressure set around 40. Isthat too high?
  19. need some expertise on airbrushing. Whenever I use my airbrush I sometimes get small or larger splotches that come out, & I rarely get a smooth finish. So I'm wondering is it more pratice or is it the quality of the brush,a Veda?
  20. Thanks Dick, hadn't thought about that.
  21. That's what i thought but didn't know. In my opinion the good thing is you'll have the template in front of you so if you make a mistake of cutting it, just go back and redo it. What would be good tape to use for cutting out another copy of the template? I tried masking tape, hard to cut, scotch, brittle, and tamiya, fair but wrinkles easily.
  22. I have been having a tough time trying to free hand my 1/48 Super Hornet canopy. I did a search and found no canopy masks for a super hornet, but later found one that is exactly what I need. So I purchased that, an Eduard 1/48 F/A-18E canopy mask. What I'd like to know is since canopy masks are 1 time use only, can you using the outline that was left on the card, after you peel up the mask, to use as a future template to make your own?
  23. I'm currently building a 1/32 F-104 in SEA camo. I have seen multiple pictures of 104s with wing tanks.. But what has puzzled me is sometimes one tank will be exactly similar to the other in the way the tails are positioned.\For example this pic shows the horizontal tails oriented toward the fuselage. But other pictures have shown them with both tanks exactly the same, i.e. the starboard horizontal tail will be oriented inward to the fuselage and the port side would be oriented outward What is the common config between the 2?
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