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  1. When you say paint the entire keel you mean the underside of the elevators, or the metallic area surrounding the nozzles?

    In my opinion, using the airbrush to paint the transition area, just paint a small line without any tape, to not make any hard edges, so it appears to transition from dark to light?

  2. I was looking at the july 05 edition of fine scale modeler, and saw an article on backdating a phantom to a B model. There was a caption saying the smoke stains were airbrushed on to the underside of the elevators. When I looked at them they didn't have a hard edge, of where the stain ended, but rather a transition from stain to paint.

    How would you paint that area so it does appear to transition and not end completely?

  3. I recently dug out an old Dragon 1/700 Nimitz that I built a long time ago, and looked over it. I've been reluctant to build carriers but am thinking of


    starting one. Does anybody sell an accessory aircraft kit of today's naval aircraft, such as super hornets, hornets, etc...? Most of the carriers I see come with 1980-90s aircraft.

  4. WOW! Didn't know about that Mark, thanks for the link.


    Don't want to put too many aftermarket items into it though. From what I can tell getting experience with rigging just comes down to making a few mistakes to learn from and do better?

  5. I have a Constitution model that is partially started, I believe it is. the Revell kit, don't quote me on that. I have wanted to finish it forever, but what drives me crazy is the rigging. I have no experience with small threading and tying knots. Is there any way to use plastic rigging instead? The threads are so small I can barely keep them in my hand, let alone tie a knot. I can picture her finished looking beautiful if only I could have a different way to add the rigging. Now maybe the long lines going from one mast to another i could just glue. But the small ones are the problematic ones. Is there any aftermarket or tricks to avoiding or using different materials for the rigging?

  6. I'm using a 1/48 Revell F/A-18A Blue Angel kit to build a Navy agressor, but the problem is the wings are molded with the flaps up. I'm trying to construct it with them down, the only way I see to do that is to cut them out of the wings and glue them back on. However that leaves a large gap of where the second part of the flaps would be, so it wouldn't look very smooth. Is there any other way to change the wing so the flaps are down and not flush?

  7. Very nice Rich! I look forawrd to being able to get a closer look at the meeting next Saurday!


    And by the way, it was Richard who helped save my bacon yesterday at Jaxcon by helping me during the contest judging. I think I'd still be shuffling papers if he hadn't stepped in!


    GIL :smiley16:


    Thanks, happy to help! ;)

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