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  1. I was cutting out the forward windscreen area for the 1/48 monogram f-5 trying to fit the resin cockpit I have for it into the right place. But can't figure out is that large horseshoe area surrounding the resin cockpit supposed to be sanded, or stay there? Haven't found very many pictures that show me that angle. Plus if I sand it any more then the gunsight will be hitting the windshield when i glue it.



  2. I thought that'd might be the case but didn't know. Currently I can't afford a new airbrush. But I'll definitely take mine to a hobby shop and see if they have an interchangeable one. IMO even if I can't make fine lines having good control with the airbrush still allows for good detail, just not as good as I had thought. I could be wrong

  3. I attended a seminar at the Nationals on airbrushing, and learned to get better detail make the smallest line you can with your airbrush. Now i don't have the airbrush that I was using at the Nationals, which was an iwata airbrush. i have a Verda airbrush, and it only has 1 needle. I tried changing the pressure to 15psi as the instructor said, cause he uses that. I tried spraying at different distances. I aklways got the same effect it wasn't a small line, but rather an average size line. So i can't figure out why the airbrush I have doesn't do they same thing I was able to do at the seminar?

  4. I was browsing around town and came across two of these book cases at a hospice store. They are the right size and shape, and great price for two $64.00, only good for today. So i took 'em.

    Granted they don't have glass but they are a place to start, so instead of having my collection stashed throughout the house in boxes it can be in 1 place.




  5. That's alright, but thanks for the offer Dick.

    The only problem i'm having trouble with is the depth. With the aircraft models, phantoms, hornets, etc... then depth is more than 12". But haven't found one that is deeper than 12" at a good price.

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