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  1. While this is a good financial decision for IPMS. I cringe at people saying they got zero return on their investment. Perhaps you will not see the return right away, but maybe in the future you will. I am 57 years old, and when I was young, we were readily exposed to plastic model kits. They were available at dime stores, drug stores, hardware stores, hobby shops, etc. It was hard NOT to find a plastic model kit. Today, it is more difficult for kids to get exposed to the hobby. The beauty of Make and Take is it provided kids another avenue of exposure to the hobby. This is particularly true in the era we live in now, where kids do not get the exposure to model kits like many of us did. Sure, many of them may not join a club, however they may get interested in the hobby and eventually join a club. So I don't think it is fair to try to measure the return on the investment in this case. By exposing children to the hobby through such ventures like Make and Take, you may spark an interest that would result in a long lived love for the hobby. Brian
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