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  1. I have an original boxing of Hasegawa's 1/32nd Boeing F4B-4 along with a Lone Star Models resin cockpit set I would like to sell. The box, although original from the late 1970's is in pretty good shape except for some masking tape on the sides that whomever had this kit before me (I bought it off a vendor table years ago) put on it. The contents are still sealed in their original baggie and the parts have no flash since it is an original molding. The decals have yellowed and probably unusable, but Microscale did a sheet for this model and I think Yellow Wings has some alternative decals as well. I will also include a Lone Star Models resin cockpit set that replaces all of the kit parts. I am asking $45 + $12 postage within U.S. for the complete package. I can be contacted direct at bfwaechter@aol.com. Thanks. Boyd Waechter, IPMS #1282 Katy, TX.
  2. I have filled out the questionaire to post info on our show next April and each time I hit SAVE I get an Error message and all of the data I just filled in is lost. I have completed the questionaire three times and the same thing happens each time. What's going on with this? Boyd Waechter IPMS Houston Secretary
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