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  1. Thanks to you and the planning team, Len. Viva Las Vegas and see y'all in 2023 for "Come and Build It... Again!"
  2. Good afternoon, modeling friends. I do not want to speak on behalf of any 2020 Nats coordinators or officials, but I will share this: It is my understanding, having communicated with one of the contest workers, is that the national organization currently has legal counsel going over the contract with a fine tooth comb. They are also in regular discussion with Embassy Suites leadership. All parties are closely monitoring the communications from the Texas Department of Health and Human Services as well as from the office of Governor Abbott, and this in large part is affecting both the decision making process and the timing thereof. Granted, the ground truth changes almost daily, but it is my understanding that a decision is expected by 30 days out from the convention start date, which by my calendar should be this coming Monday, the 29th. As such, I think it prudent to wait until Monday night. Thirty days out is sufficient time, in my opinion, for anyone to make travel plan changes without financial penalties. Happy modeling. ✌🏼❤️🍺
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