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  1. I must say I am surprised by the subject matter. Although Japan is an operator.
  2. I also use this on brass barrels. It works but takes a long time.
  3. Well, I don't know what happened to those old pic links above but here are some shots of the first one to come off the assembly line. Republic P-47 Thunderbolt II RAF 134 Squadron Ulundurpet, India In August 1944 134 Squadron began to convert from Hurricanes to the Thunderbolt, returning to operations in December. They covered the Rangoon landings in April 1945 and returned to Ulundurpet in June. On June 10th the unit was disbanded by being renumbered No 131 Squadron. Kit: Tamiya 1/48 P-47D Thunderbolt "Bubbletop" Aftermarket: Ultracast seat, Obscuro wheels/tires, Xtradecals decals Finish: AK Real Colors, Tamiya Acrylics, Vallejo Acrylics, Model Master Enamel, Alclad 2, UMP Wash, Tamiya Panel Liner, Prismacolor pencil and Liquitex Basics Acrylic Matte Varnish
  4. bucholtzc@aol.com is the address on the Obscuro website.
  5. Thanks for the feedback. Much more useful than the responses from the FB group. Change is always accompanied by backlash. There is no getting around that. I'll be interested to see what the numbers are like when the data is released. As far as aircraft are concerned I would have expected to see a lot of the newer Tamiya releases. Things like the P-38's, the Hein, the Spit, and even the old P-47's. Those are all single media I think. Were they well represented or did people make the mistake that BKB was restricted to vintage kits and mainly enter those? Gil, you metioned older kits. Any idea what the ratio was "old" to "new"? As for instructions being left at home, that's normal. Happens all the time. I'm sure those entrants were happy to have the modern conveniences to print them on site.
  6. I have seen zero feedback about BKB. There was a bit of discussion between it's announcement and Nats but I have seen or heard nothing since. The silence is deafening.
  7. https://news.ipmsusa3.org/news/ipmsusa-national-convention-proposal-2024-mad-city-modelers
  8. Looks good John. I have this conversion and the props are in pieces. One of these days I'll give it a go.
  9. Wow! That's bizarre that you couldn't use your own computers. I realize things were much different in the IT world 15 years ago. I would not expect that to be an issue in current times. Get well, Mark!
  10. This is hilarious! And people still think we faked the moon landings but no one has talked. LOL
  11. And they might just be shocked at how well they do there. Wouldn't that be interesting?
  12. So what the heck did happen in California? Did somebody get their Ya-Yas out? I can't learn without know what the lesson is.
  13. Looking good. This has always been one of my favorite aircraft. Not sure why but I've always liked it's looks.
  14. For sure but I'm interested in actual data. Squeaky wheels not so much.
  15. Unfortunately I will not be able to make it to Omaha next week but I am very interested in how BKB is received and functions. Not to sound like a total nerd but.... is there any plan in place to get some formalized feedback/data on this category change? It would be nice to at least know if there is any seriously large scale blow back. I myself am hoping the new categories are well received.
  16. This is one of my favorite aircraft. That huge wing and slender body have always caught my eye. Nice work so far!
  17. Welcome back. Way to just dive right in.
  18. I'm mainly a 1/48 scale WW2 aircraft modeler. As such I have had the "Invasion Stripe" discussion many times with different people. I am firmly on the side of "sloppy work looks sloppy". In 1/48 scale an error of 6 inches is an 1/8 of an inch. Most people can hand paint fairly straight lines over a short distance. In order to have a variance in a line that is detectable at 1/48 scale it would have to be blatent in full scale. Perhaps someone out there will figure out how to pull it off realistically one day but I've never seen any attempt that looked anything but sloppy.
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