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  1. Jim and James, I am getting a lot of good info out of your conversation. It has made me think about some things that never occurred to me regarding both methods. Below are just a few quick things. Any type of change always incurs the probability of membership loss, at least short term. As expected both methods have pros and cons. In my opinion the biggest con with the current system is that we have some gray areas in the rules and that the rules seem to be unknown to some contestants. I know they are available and I know people need to be responsible for themselves. It just seems to me that most of the arguments about judging are a result of people not knowing the rules. That is going to be an issue on either side of the fence. I totally understand Jim's point about consistency from contest to contest and the logic regarding a Gold grade at one show necessitating a Gold grade at the next. That said, I believe that AMPS allows for that same model to be modified and graded again. Therefore a Silver graded build could upgrade to Gold, or downgrade to Bronze, with modifications made to it.
  2. International vendors like Tamiya and ZM have cancelled. They have been replaced with other vendors. The current vendor list is on the website at https://www.natslv2021.com/vendors .
  3. I have not seen in the past, nor have I currently seen mention of anything like that.
  4. Excellent build and excellent question.
  5. I lived in Phoenix for more than a decade and stored my unbuilt kits in a locked portion of my carport with no issues. The only time I have had a kit melt is when I left the box on top of our toaster oven. Not good.
  6. ShutterAce

    Tiger #112

    I think your colors are right on. What did you use?
  7. Perhaps one day we can do away with the need for electrical outlets supplied by the venue. With the availability of inexpensive rechargeable power supplies I'm surprised people still need it now.
  8. Nice build of an old favorite. And what great boxart.
  9. Hi Noel, Understood, and you are of course correct about keeping a mask at the ready. I keep a couple in my pocket at work in case the need ever arises. Hasn't happened yet but I'm prepared.
  10. Not moving as fast as I'd like but we are making progress.
  11. Gil has been trying to get the NCC to acknowledge this board for years. And rightly so I might add. That is really what this is about.
  12. Take a good look at the vertical stabilizers. The only reason I know is because Gil is one of at least two people I know who have done this and divulged it.
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