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  1. Not an issue I have seen myself. I do not prime with gloss black. I usually use Stynylrez black, white, or grey primers. I have recently found however that it works fine over bare plastic too. I typically spray at 15 psi and mist the first coats on then hit it with a wet coat almost immediately. Not the recommended procedure but it works for me. Most of my Alclad stash is close to 10 years old so I don't think age is a problem. However the formula may have changed. Paint issues are always interesting. One thing is for sure, different people can see vastly different results from the same product. Chemistry, bah humbug. 🙃
  2. Thanks Ed. No rattle cans but a brush and a sponge or two were used for touch ups. I have found that dabbing paint on with a makeup sponge can give you an almost airbrush like finish.
  3. Oh, that is a bit confusing isn't it? Towed meaning it's not chassis mounted on a truck or something. Not self propelled. This is towed artillery...
  4. Looks like 223. There is no BKB category listed for towed artillery. I assume that is what you're building.
  5. We all know you got the skills Gil. Thanks.
  6. Once you interrupt a pattern of behavior it can be difficult to get it back. The fact that the process was interrupted for a year is most likely the cause in my opinion. I also think we need to realize that everything is always increasing in cost, sometimes faster than at other times, and that the convention has been a bargain for years. The cost is likely to rise greatly for the attendees in the near future. Perhaps it should have already. As for COVID, it is here to stay and the world is always in chaos.
  7. Ok, let's try this again. Apparently Google no longer allows public shares. I opened an imgur account and uploaded them there before linking them here. Let me know if it worked please.
  8. Ok, fixed it. The issue may have been that I linked to them in FB and that was being fed by Instagram. I uploaded them to Google Photos and linked from there. Let me know if you can see them now. Thanks!
  9. This is a great kit. Highly recommended. No issues that I recall. Model Master enamels, AK Real Colors, and Lifecolor acylics. I really like Lifecolor for brushing but I didn't have very good results spraying it.
  10. Hey Michael, good to see your name here.
  11. That is the way the rule reads to me. Granted I was always better at math than grammar but it seems pretty plain. Now the intention may have been different, but it says what it says.
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