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  1. Excellent build of an old classic. Well done!
  2. I have one of those but never thought to use it. I'll try it on the ailerons when I get that far.
  3. Nothing to report this week. I am studying for some IT certs and took some time to redesign the workbench area... again... :^) That said here is a video on how I improved the look of the elevators. An old dog with an old trick but it still works.
  4. Those are some slightly large tail feathers. The plan is to build this up as a bunch of sub assemblies. Sort of like eating an elephant.
  5. Great interview Bob. Lot's of good information. The pertinent section starts at the 1:00 hour mark for those that want to get straight to it.
  6. Thanks Mark. Maybe I will take it. We shall see.
  7. Not a bad turnout at all Gil. That F-18C is awesome. D you know what kit it was? I've been looking for a good F-18A kit in 48. I'm currently leaning toward Kinetic. Thanks!
  8. I live in a rural farming area and this is hilarious. Well done!
  9. Thanks Mark. This one will be staying home.
  10. Thanks. It's the decals actual color I think. I would not call them translucent. They are somewhat thick.
  11. A vehicle diorama is 2 or more vehicles. That is what I based my opinion on.
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