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  1. Well done Rick. Lot's of good stuff in there. I've never actually seen the cases until now.
  2. Nice! My favorite subject.
  3. JimDeck


    labieniec@comcast.net is his email on modelwarships.com
  4. ICM goodness in a Revell box. :m1helmet:
  5. Thanks. This is starting to look like a scratchbuild project. I may just point him to Motion Models. i don't know what his budget is yet.
  6. I did. Those are all the WW2 configuration without the angled deck. There is the ARII 1/800 kit but it looks pretty bad.
  7. My B-I-L served on both the USS Coral Sea CV43 & AD 44 Shenendoah in the 80's. He asked me if I could build them to display in his office. My searches have only revealed that I am unable to find a kit of either one. The AD 44 doesn't surprise me but the Coral Sea does. Is there really nothing out there or am I missing something? Even something close that I can convert would be OK with me. Thanks!
  8. That is no doubt one of the most realistic finishes I have ever seen. Sweet!
  9. Don't leave out Hannant's. I've received items faster from them than from Squadron. Good prices too.
  10. If she flew VLR missions with the B-29's she would have three antenna. As far as the blue undersides go, somebody must have goofed. She should be NMF all the way around.
  11. I have a pic somewhere taken on the deck of an OHP class ship and it sure looks Gunship Gray to me. I've got one half built and that is what I am considering using.
  12. They still are, although not so thick as fleas anymore. I still have seven of them within a 35 minute drive from my house. Mark, I spent a fair bit of my money At Military Hobbies when I was 10 and 11. Bought the Monogram B-17G there when it first came out.
  13. I can't tell you what my first actual shop was but growing up in So Cal in the 70's was nirvana as far as hobby shops go. They were everywhere!
  14. The one I'm building now of course! :gold-plane:
  15. My grandmother gave me this kit as a gift for what I believe was my 4th birthday. That would have been in 1970. She and I built it together on the kitchen table. We were so clueless we even glued the decals on with tube cement. LOL
  16. WestFest has been postponed due to the death of one of our members. www.gjsms.org for more info.
  17. JimDeck

    Sea Shadow

    I have this one in the stash. Looking forward to your build!
  18. I really didn't need to see that Warren! :D
  19. The DO24 is a favorite of mine. I'd love to see it in 1/48 scale. Nice work!
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