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  1. Well done Rick. Lot's of good stuff in there. I've never actually seen the cases until now.
  2. Nice! My favorite subject.
  3. JimDeck


    labieniec@comcast.net is his email on modelwarships.com
  4. ICM goodness in a Revell box. :m1helmet:
  5. Thanks. This is starting to look like a scratchbuild project. I may just point him to Motion Models. i don't know what his budget is yet.
  6. I did. Those are all the WW2 configuration without the angled deck. There is the ARII 1/800 kit but it looks pretty bad.
  7. My B-I-L served on both the USS Coral Sea CV43 & AD 44 Shenendoah in the 80's. He asked me if I could build them to display in his office. My searches have only revealed that I am unable to find a kit of either one. The AD 44 doesn't surprise me but the Coral Sea does. Is there really nothing out there or am I missing something? Even something close that I can convert would be OK with me. Thanks!
  8. That is no doubt one of the most realistic finishes I have ever seen. Sweet!
  9. Don't leave out Hannant's. I've received items faster from them than from Squadron. Good prices too.
  10. If she flew VLR missions with the B-29's she would have three antenna. As far as the blue undersides go, somebody must have goofed. She should be NMF all the way around.
  11. I have a pic somewhere taken on the deck of an OHP class ship and it sure looks Gunship Gray to me. I've got one half built and that is what I am considering using.
  12. They still are, although not so thick as fleas anymore. I still have seven of them within a 35 minute drive from my house. Mark, I spent a fair bit of my money At Military Hobbies when I was 10 and 11. Bought the Monogram B-17G there when it first came out.
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