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  1. Hello there to all car modelers 

     thinking about changing my modeling interest to cars but would like to know before I do how do you car guys and gals deal with the chrome 

     parts on the sprues, once removed there will be a spot or other areas that will need to be cleaned up and will show bare plastic, my questions 

     do you remove/ or strip all the chrome then clean up the imperfections like mold lines etc. and then re-chrome the parts if so which is the best 

     re-chrome paint, case in point the revell T-bucket which has a lot of chrome in the kit  how  to go about building that kit the  right way, I would 

      appreciate any help in that area, P.S. I know Donn Yost is a very car modeler and tried to ask him the same questions but he will help me 

     unless he soo busy that he no time to reply back to me thank you 



  2. Hello there 

      I was watching a you tube modeler build a Tamiya 1/48 scale Tomcat and notice he build the engines in two different ways 

         one engine was wide open and the other almost closed since I do not know to much about jets or modeling them  is that 

         the correct way to  model the engines, forgive me for asking  but having the engines look different looks funny If I was 

         modeling a jet I would have the engines the same  accurate or not 


  3. Hello fellow models

    I need to know if anyone has built the old aircrafts with raised panel lines such as the 1/48 B24 liberator or Lancaster and if so how do you pre-shade or even paint those aircrafts, I've done several aircrafts in the past but the were recessed panel lines, or should I ask if I should concern my self about panel lines at all I appreciate any suggestions or recommended and ideas thank you


  4. Hello fellow modelers

    I need help here I'm missing the instructions to a set of eduard 1/48 scale photo etch the

    numbers that I found on the fret are as followers AC 18 0200 3000 Vindicator

    seat belts they are for the rare accurate miniature Vindicator I purchased the kit on E-bay

    and it came with a set of mask and a set of photo etch seat belt but no instructions,

    now if no one seems to have any could some one e-mail me some simple instructions

    for installing a basic seat belt or are they all different I would appreciate any information you

    can send my way thank you


  5. Hello there John

    I never said there was anything wrong with the hitch as is but it be really great looking if the hitch would open to accept the 155mm Long Tom cannon dolly, since you seem to be an export on the two kits would you know if there are after market parts for the cannon, I was wondering how come no one has made an after market kit for the hitch part that is all


  6. Hello there

    does anyone know if there is a after market kit for the back end of the Hobby boss M4 high speed tractor to replace the hitch that would allow to hook up the AFV 155mm long tom dolly

    and the after market parts for the AFV 155mm Long Tom cannon, and while I'm the subject of the AFV long tom cannon how come there isn't a single post on the AFV 155mm long tom cannon thank you

    P.S. I could use some help on the AFV Long tom as well


  7. hello there

    can someone help me here

    I have a AFV long tom cannon kit and it comes with a aluminum barrel

    my question is how do I go about painting the barrel when attached to the plastic do I

    prime it along with the plastic will the primer stick to the metal do I have to sand the barrel or leave it shine I've heard some where that metal should be scorched for the primer to stick is it true


  8. The short answer is: whatever works!


    Soft sponge (think the make-up type) is very good. Tissue is also good, and usually easy to come by in the house. Facial tissue is better than toilet tissue as it leaves less paper fibers when you pull it out. Care must be exercised when "stuffing" those items into openings. You need to make sure they're tight, but also avoid breaking off anything down in the openings. Toothpicks and exacto blades are good items to use when stuffing it in to make sure every corner has been "filled".


    Sometimes tape is the simplest and easiest method. Just place a large piece over the opening and use a new SHARP blade to trim the excess away flush with the edges of the opening.


    If you have items that are going to stick out, like machine gun barels, you have 2 choices. 1) Be VERY careful when masking around them, or 2) Cut them off and glue them back in place towards the end of the project. You can drill a tiny hole in the barrel and the receiver and add a thin wire to act as a locator when you glue the barrel back on later.


    Your question is a common theme for almost every build, and there's no one "right" answer. I've even seen people cut out paper masks and attach them with rubber cement or liquid masking material that can be easily peeled away later. Experiment a bit and see what workd best for you. Don't be afraid to alter the contruction sequences to make YOUR painting and masking easier. Following the instructions to the letter is optional! Hope this helps!


    GIL :smiley16:


    sure will GiL thank's

  9. Need help

    Im trying to find the best way to prep my 1/48 scale P61 Black Widow fusalage for priming, there are several openings and there are guns underneath allready painted and also in the frount and back of the plane are the sighting post how do I protect them from breaking one came off several times so do I use tissue or some type of spung any suggestions would be appreciated-thank you




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