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  1. RC2 has announced that they are working on a kit of the new Enterprise.. http://tinyurl.com/nux7ca E
  2. You ought to stop by f1m.com sometime.. Mike Portaro who runs IndyCals is a frequent contributor in the Forum section.. If you have any questions about his decals, that's a good place to ask. Eric
  3. HI, Don't bother with Tamiya - go to http://indycals.net/Decals/78Ferrari312T3.html - and get them there. Eric
  4. I think the bottle is also a clear dark blue instead of just clear plastic. Eric
  5. That's the mini poster that comes with the Fine Molds kit. I stuck it in a frame for ease of use. Eric
  6. Actually, 1:20th was the 'weird' choice made by Tamiya because they felt that they could not produce 1:24th scale kits without making the suspension pieces too fragile. With 1970s injection molding this was probably the case, but things have advanced a great deal. Fortunately we now have both Hasegawa and Fujimi producing new 20th scale F1 cars, along with Revell DE's 24th scale. Pity Tamiya seems to have given up on making new F1 kits - I have heard no rumors for quite some time. Eric
  7. I share the 'junk' room with the cat boxes... very fragrant. E
  8. Posted today on the R-M Web site: To Our Loyal Customers: Over the years we have been pleased to provide you with the finest NASCAR plastic model kits featuring the most popular drivers. Regrettably however, over the last several years we have faced increasing licensing costs that are greater than our increase in sales. Despite our best efforts to secure reasonable licensing terms for NASCAR model kits in general, and the Car of Tomorrow in particular, we have been unable to develop a program that allows us to market the product at a viable price point. Consequently, we will not be issuing a kit on the Car of Tomorrow and, in fact, will be exiting the NASCAR business altogether. We will discontinue all sales of NASCAR plastic kits by February 28, 2009. This has been an extremely difficult decision to make as we are fully aware of the avid fan base of NASCAR model kit builders and truly appreciate your support over the years. We trust you will find other model kits in our line that will be of interest and that will provide you with the model building enjoyment you desire. Please note that we still have inventory of selected models as shown below. Check with your favorite dealer to see if they are carrying any of the items. If they are out of stock, they can obtain any of these items for you very quickly through their distributor. 85 2029 0 0012 #20 Home Depot Monte Carlo ('04) 85 2030 0 0012 #48 Lowes Monte Carlo ('06) 85 2075 0 0012 #24 DuPont Monte Carlo ('07) 85 2078 0 0012 #20 Home Depot Monte Carlo ('04) 85 4206 0 0012 #11 FedEx Denny Hamlin Cordially, Revell, Inc.
  9. I've posted a gallery of the finished Falcon at: http://gallery.me.com/aitala#100024&bg...k&view=grid Eric
  10. I really miss Isaac... and the I, Robot film was initially 'modeled' after a different story and only got the name after their rights were transferred... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/I,_Robot_(film) Eric
  11. I am currently trying to finish a Fine Molds Millennium Falcon. Its not a perfect kit, but pretty nice... Pics here - http://www.flickr.com/photos/13613684@N00/...57607080093286/ Eric
  12. I wish other model manufacturers would do things like RSS feeds, blogs, etc... if they really want to attract the younger crowd, they need to step into the 21st century. Otherwise they are in serious trouble, Eric
  13. No problem... just wanted to check.. Eric
  14. Hey, Any chance of turning on the RSS feeds for the Forum. I think the new software has it available. Thanks, Eric
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