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  1. Cold could try tinting some Future Floor Wax (or what ever it is called now). See this article.. http://www.swannysmodels.com/Tinting.html Eric
  2. Well, the big difference is the size of the 'market' - F1 is a very niche subject (in an already niche hobby :D ) . Currently, there are only a few companies that produce plastic F1 kits: Tamiya Fujimi Hasegawa (who appear to have stopped doing new kits) Revell-Germany (in the non-standard for F1 models 1/24th scale) Airfix (one kit in 1/32nd scale) Ebbro (a very recent addition) Aoshima has never done an F1 kit - the McLaren will be their first. Across those five (not including Airfix), there are maybe 5-8 kits per year announced, not including driver and sponsor variations. So duplicating any kit would represent a larger proportion of the set of new kits if you were to compare that against the much larger number of new Armor (for example) kits per year and any duplicates from different manufacturers. I would guess that there are perhaps a dozen or more serious manufacturers of Armor kits producing maybe 30-40 new kits per year? From HLJ's Military section - http://www.hlj.com/top/Mil - cutting out names I don't know, I see: Aber Academy AFV Club Cyber Hobby Dragon Eduard Fine Molds Fujimi Hasegawa Hobby Boss Hobby Master Ltd. Meng Models Tamiya Tasca Trumpeter And from the Future Releases / Military Vehicle Kits page, I see 68 new releases in the next few months... Doing something similar for F1 kits, I see 5 releases in the next few months, four of which are variations on previously released kits... I can't tell how many of the Armor releases are new, but I think its probably more than 1 out of 5... Anyway, just me being annoyed, I guess... E
  3. Here's what drive me nuts... We just had two manufacturers, Fujimi and Aoshima, both announce that they are going to produce a 1/20th scale model of the McLaren MP 4/2 F1 race car from 1984. The last time this happened Tamiya and Hasegawa both released a Lotus 79 at the same time which really messed up the market... Why do companies do this?
  4. Well, we did have a CBL Amendment vote a few years ago to partially address the Nats date issue ... it used to say, "Conventions will be held every year during the month of July or August." To do more might require another set of amendments... Eric
  5. The main IPMS/USA home page seems to be back up - no idea what the problem was... Eric
  6. Hmm.. this is unrelated to the Forums.. may need to call tech support. Eric
  7. Hi, For these kind of web apps (Forums), 'reads' (reading posts, etc.) will almost always be faster than 'writes' (submitting posts, sending private messages, etc). Eric
  8. Hi, I'm assuming you are using Internet Explorer, but which version? You might also test out the Forums with Google Chrome to see if its something weird with IE... Eric
  9. Have you ever seen this web site ? http://scalemodeldb.com/paint I don't see that color listed in the Humbrol section but you might find something similar. Eric
  10. How about... http://www.macsmodeling.com/Paint%20etc.htm or http://www.macsmodeling.com/Tuner%20MM%20Detail%20Parts.htm Eric
  11. Well, if you are always removing cookies, that will interfere with things like staying logged in, etc. One important question; what browser and operating system are you using? Including version number(s), where applicable. The more up to date, the better.... Eric
  12. I think its because we never really set up the 'Likes'/reputation system. I get the same message as well and I have full admin rights, so... Eric
  13. I think we are all done. Upgrade looks like it worked. Eric
  14. HI, If I get a chance, I may do a minor update to the Forum software this weekend (June 1) Eric
  15. It depends - a lot of folks use scale model brands like MCW and Zero Paints which are color matched to OEM (and racing livery) paints. MCW used to do spray cans, but I have not looked at them in a while, but Zero Paints are airbrush only. They have a thinner you can buy, but I think you can use standard lacquer thinner too. Eric
  16. They are not posted here - they are linked to Photobucket from here. If you move them it probably changes the URL. Eric
  17. I would say that the newest generation of S27 kits are at the top of the Japanese garage kits along with Model Factory Hiro. I've not seen any Profil 24 kits in a while... they may not have invested in the 3D technologies as heavy as the Japanese. Eric
  18. Studio 27 has a tendency to not put instructions in their detail / decal sets - sometimes its just a picture. I don't see any images for the set on - http://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10210099 - which they normally do see: http://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10210092 Eric
  19. I saw an email notification that your order went through. I will forward it to your email account. Eric
  20. I have SMS's Tamiya Porsche 956 kit... given the amount of work that goes into producing the aftermarket parts, the price is not that surprising. And with the rarity of certain items, you never know... I started F1M because folks were trying to find McLaren MP4/6 kits for less that $400 (before Tamiya re-issued them) Eric
  21. Take a look at the prices of some of the F1 and Race cars kits from Studio 27 and Model Factory Hiro.... Eric
  22. Saw this video on http://hawkeyes-squawkbox.com/2013/03/27/grex-airbrushing-tutorial-1 and wondered if it might be useful.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ZrSdf7fXWU Eric
  23. Hi Kev, This seems to happen with the store sometimes. I've put in multiple support requests to the web hosting company, but they have not found a solution (or even replicated the issue). My suggestion is to try again later, possibly with a different web browser... If you continue to have issues, please contact me directly... Eric
  24. My goal is to make sure these guys are successful... bad enough not having a local IPMS Chapter, but no LHS either? Not fun. Eric
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