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  1. What's happening to the reviews section? When I look at the thread titles, what I see is an abbreviated section of the first sentence of the review, and not the subject of the review. This makes it hard to decipher what is being reviewed unless you click on each individual entry. Can you take a look and fix it please? 

  2. I am described as a 'Newbie (1/14)'

    How come? Have been an IPMS UK Member since 1974.

    And what does the (1/14) after Newbie mean?

    1. Eric Aitala

      Eric Aitala

      Its a new thing added in the most recent update of the Forum software.  I have disabled it.


    2. (See 1 other reply to this status update)

  3. I can log in to the forum but not into the journal indexes?  Is the password different?

    Thank you

    1. Eric Aitala

      Eric Aitala

      What do you mean by the Journal Indexes?

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