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    L/F: Porsche 956/962 wheel decals

    You might be able to find this decal sheet somewhere cheaper.. https://www.ebay.com/itm/STUDIO-27-PORSCHE-962C-LEYTON-HOUSE-16-JSPC-1987-DECAL-for-1-24-HASEGAWA/232148693297?hash=item360d23f131:g:xhgAAOSwiDFYMIsS I dont see too many S27 sets with the wheel decals. You might be able to ask Steve at https://www.hiroboy.com which set might work. Eric
  2. Eric Aitala

    Home School Modeling Class

    No, I meant using the information there as a template to teach children....
  3. Eric Aitala

    Home School Modeling Class

    Would the Adult Building Course be at all useful? http://members.ipmsusa3.org/book/adult-building-course E
  4. http://calendar.ipmsusa3.org/event/cleveland-model-show-21
  5. Eric Aitala

    New to IMPS judging

    Well, that depends on the local contest rules. For the Nationals, see http://www.ipmsusa.org/national_contest_committee/files/2017_national_contest_rules.pdf - Page 2, #14 & #15.
  6. Eric Aitala

    Help!! Need Contact Info for Acme 360

    You could check on the Starship Modeler Forums... http://www.starshipmodeler.net/talk/ Eric
  7. Eric Aitala

    Why won't text paste work?

    Agree there are stacks of options within that 8 year window, but ferrari (or possibly senna) seem most likely. They need a return on the license... I'd guess 156/85, f189 then f187 in that order. Otherwise, yes, the 99t Nope.
  8. Eric Aitala

    Why won't text paste work?

    I don't recall having an issue with cut & paste. Let me try a few things. E Text from a web page >> Apparently there are no screws to attach the rear wheels, like there are for the front wheels. Nor is there anything in the instructions about screws for the rear wheels. This is some text I wrote in a text editor to cut and paste in the forums. This is text from Microsoft Word…
  9. Eric Aitala

    Graphics Program

    If I recall correctly, Microsoft will be releasing a new version of MS Paint (probably named differently) in the near future.
  10. Eric Aitala

    Graphics Program

    That depends... are you looking to do things like aircraft insignia (simple graphics) or complex images, like editing a photo to turn into a decal? Photoshop Elements in only $99 and does go on sale, but that is more geared towards editing photos. E
  11. A nice article. https://kitbashed.com/blog/a-complete-history-of-the-millennium-falcon
  12. Eric Aitala

    Anybody ever seen one of these?

  13. Eric Aitala

    What happened to all of the Contact and Chapter Information?

    I'm open to suggestions... but not really sure what would be the best options... E
  14. Eric Aitala

    Can 2015 winners be replaced with 2017 winners?

    Yeah, its been difficult getting images that work well for the page. I will look though the what was posted, but.... Eric
  15. Eric Aitala

    News: Reviews Site Upgrade During Nationals

    Yeah, it was not a great weekend. All three methods of doing the upgrade failed, in different ways, at different places, including the method I originally tested. I think a server misconfiguration messed up one method, which I may try again, but I still have no idea why the one I tested failed. If push comes to shove, I'll try a data migration but that takes more effort and time... E
  16. Eric Aitala

    News: Reviews Site Upgrade During Nationals

    Due to a number of new and 'exciting' failures of the upgrade process, the Reviews site has not been upgraded. :mad:
  17. Eric Aitala

    2018 Nats pictures?

  18. Online registration for the National Convention closes tonight around midnight Eastern time. Eric
  19. It's back - apparently it likes to lie to me about what time things get turned off... E
  20. See YouTube at : https://www.youtube.com/user/DrydenTV/playlists https://paleofuture.gizmodo.com/nasa-uploads-hundreds-of-rare-aircraft-films-to-youtube-1797119276 Eric
  21. I am always looking for good pics... I could use some from the 2017 Nats too. E
  22. I am looking to update the pictures in the slideshow on http://www.ipmsusa.org with some from the 2016 Nationals. Pictures of the various category winners would be the most useful. There are some criteria for the images I need. They must be at least 1200 pixels wide. Wider if they need to be cropped. They need to work in a landscape mode, i.e. wider than taller, or be able to be cropped into that mode. This image is a good example of that >> http://www.ipmsusa.org/images/slider/IMG_3058_crop.jpg Pictures should be as uncompressed as possible. I would prefer RAW or PNG, but can use sufficiently large JPGs. Larger file sizes are better... 2-300 KB at least. Images with as little background clutter as possible would be ideal. Images with out of focus backgrounds are preferred. Top down images generally don't work... So versus I will add a photo credit to any images submitted. If you have any pictures which you think can work, please email them along with any information you have about the model, to webmaster@ipmsusa.org Thanks, Eric
  23. The Nats crew said to make the Tours unavailable as they have to arrange security and buses for them. Eric
  24. Eric Aitala

    Contest registration

    Seems to be working fine for me.