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  1. OK, I just created an account... Here is what I did using my MacBook Pro and Safari 4.0.4... Added a pic. Went to image page. Placed cursor over image - displays a menu at top. Selected 'Share..' pulldown. Selected 'More Options'. Selected Get Link Code tab Grabbed text link from 'IMG for bulletin boards & forums' Pasted below.
  2. You mean directly posting a pic on the forum or giving a link to a Photobucket pic? E
  3. I would contact MJ at manager@ipmsusa.org Eric
  4. NASCAR is gone from scale modeling because of licensing issues. Its just not worth Revell-Monogram's time and energy to build all new toolings for the new cars and try to sell them at a price folks will pay when you add on the fees the various parties want... For example, Tamiya's re-issues of old F1 kits are missing the Goodyear logo decals because of licensing even though some kits have logos in the rubber sidewalls of the tires... Folks are getting greedy and only the lawyers are really raking in the dough. E
  5. They also did limited run F1 kits.. in plastic and resin, I think. Eric
  6. What I've done on F1M is what I would like to do on a new version of the IPMS web site in the future. Maintaining a spreadsheet is a royal pain. It would be easier to have it in a database where many people can contribute. Eric
  7. Done... http://www.f1m.com/main/map/node Blue blobs are Hobby Shops - the odd green blob is a show/contest. Eric
  8. It amazes me that, other than Revell, no model company has released their instruction sheets as downloadable files from their web site. And Revell has not put up that many.. The sheets have no intrinsic value w/o the model kit.. and its not like there aren't folks scanning and emailing copies anyway... Eric
  9. You might look into Scale Motorsports 'clear' carbon fibre decals. I have heard a few good things about them. http://store.scalemotorsport.com/merchant2...oduct_Code=1724 Eric
  10. Might also be a good idea to use something like Tamiya spray lacquer for the white, which is pretty hard, then use something like black acrylic on top. Eric BTW - I have heard that Hasegawa will be releasing a 1/20th scale Lotus 79 kit in 2010... should be cool.
  11. I am pretty sure the thread was deleted by FSM. Eric Eric
  12. If anyone is interested in the largest 'Airfix' Spitfire model ever produced - http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00nnm3d#synopsis It was a pretty nice episode and had some interesting bits about scale modeling in the modern age. Pity you need to be in the UK to see it... Eric
  13. If you are finding no cookies for ipmsusa2.org, that would be the reason you need to re-log in. Sounds like you have cookies turned off in Safari's Security preference pane, I set mine to 'Only from sites I visit'. Eric
  14. So am I and I have no issues - you may need to flush out any cookies for ipmsusa2.org . Also, if you are running any IM clients like Adium, I have noticed an issue with it making a mess of cookies... Eric
  15. I am not seeing this issue - what browsers are people who are having trouble using? Eric
  16. I keep an eye on HLJ's site - they post info from the major shows and they also do 'Early Bord' pre-orders. Eric
  17. I can't figure out where the Falcon 'model' in the glass cube coffee table came from... I wonder if its an original from ILM? Eric
  18. Check out this fellows apartment! http://www.unplggd.com/unplggd/look/the-ul...med-home-094200 Amazing.. Eric
  19. Well I can think of one web site that might know... E
  20. RC2 has announced that they are working on a kit of the new Enterprise.. http://tinyurl.com/nux7ca E
  21. You ought to stop by f1m.com sometime.. Mike Portaro who runs IndyCals is a frequent contributor in the Forum section.. If you have any questions about his decals, that's a good place to ask. Eric
  22. HI, Don't bother with Tamiya - go to http://indycals.net/Decals/78Ferrari312T3.html - and get them there. Eric
  23. I think the bottle is also a clear dark blue instead of just clear plastic. Eric
  24. That's the mini poster that comes with the Fine Molds kit. I stuck it in a frame for ease of use. Eric
  25. Actually, 1:20th was the 'weird' choice made by Tamiya because they felt that they could not produce 1:24th scale kits without making the suspension pieces too fragile. With 1970s injection molding this was probably the case, but things have advanced a great deal. Fortunately we now have both Hasegawa and Fujimi producing new 20th scale F1 cars, along with Revell DE's 24th scale. Pity Tamiya seems to have given up on making new F1 kits - I have heard no rumors for quite some time. Eric
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