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  1. Theres a subject you don't see often. In fact I dont think I've ever seen one here. Looks like a lot of work especially with alll that glass to see through! The idea of making your own decals is of interest to me. What program do you use and how do get the scale right? You've really created a beautiful and interesting replica here. Thanks for sharing it.



    Thanks...I used Microsoft Word and Adobe Photo Shop to size the decals until I got them to fit. I then printed them off on a ink jet printer. I used white decal paper for the Texas state shape and clear for the letters. You can see the complete build on our clubs web sight forum shone in my signature box below.


    Texas :smiley20:

  2. Here's some photos of the Revell 1/24 scale City Liner Bus I finished yesterday. It was built OOB except for the custom decals I printed using a Ink Jet Printer. It was painted using Model Master paints and Future to seal the decals.













    Merry Christmas And A Happy New Hear To All.

    Texas :smiley20::smiley20::smiley20:

  3. Looks good. I don't know about you, but I always use the pilot/driver if its included in the kit. To me it adds some scale and life to the subject. These kits are hard to find around here. Good work. Thanks for posting.


    As far as figures go it depends on the mood I am in and how the figure looks. I used the driver in this model because I thought Revell did an excellant job providing decals for him and they really went on good and laid down nice.


    Texas :smiley20:

  4. Nice work. How did you like the kit?

    Thanks Guys.....The kit is OK but it sure needs a replacement cockpit. It is the first Hobby Boss kit that I have build and for the price I was expecting a better cockpit. The fit is good except for the gear doors that are usually up on this aircraft. The decals went on good and fit well. I thought enough of it to buy another one.


    Texas :smiley20:

  5. Nice job, Texas. How'd you do the red rings on the wheels? It's a nice effect. It's still odd seeing a Petty car without "STP" slapped across the hood...



    Thanks.......The red on the wheels was applied by airbrushing a heavy coat of paint onto a scrap sheet of styrene and then setting the wheel on it while the paint was still wet.


    Texas :smiley20:

  6. Are you trying to post them through Photobucket or straight to the IPMS forums? I use Photobucket to store them on and then copy and paste them to the forums. A Photobucket account is free and you can link more photos to a post. Once you have them uploaded to Photobucket just pick the bottom option to copy and then go to the forum page and paste it. Always preview the post to make sure it's like you want it before you submit it.


    Texas :smiley20:

  7. I know what your talking about. As far as I am concerned, if I have a build with a deadline to meet or it's for someone else I get to thanking about giving up the hobby. It just gets boring. So I just build what I want and when I want and if it never gets finished so what, as long as I had fun with it. Anyway It works for me.


    Texas :smiley20::smiley20::smiley20:

  8. This is the Academy 1/48 scale F-86F Saber. I used a verlinden resin update set. The model is finished using Model Master Paints and the decals were in the kit. The tow tractor is a resin kit from KMC.

    The T-6 Texas is the monogram kit.











    Texas :smiley20::smiley20:

  9. Nice work - thanks for sharing!

    I love the tail markings. Were these the ones that came with the kit, or aftermarket decals?

    They were the kit decals. That's the main reason I bought that kit.


    Texas :smiley20:

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