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  1. That is one fine lookin' Ford. The detail work you did on the open engine area is outstanding. If this were a real car, I know I would have issues with headroom if the top is lowered four inches. It's too bad that the interior detail can't be shown on this car because of the small window openings.


    BTW, you managed to put the correct license plate on it (my state). Unfortunately, this is a ticket getter without a mandatory front plate in Illinois. Picky, picky, ...



    Thanks for the posative comments and the info on the license plate. I may have to add a front one to stay out of trouble with the law. Here's a couple of photos of the interior before it was installed. If you would like to see the on line build of this model you can find it on The Golden Spread Modelers web sight in the In Progress Section. Just follow the link in my signature area on this page.







    Texas :smiley20:

  2. This is my take on the Revell 32 Ford Five Window Coupe, The top was chopped four scale inches and the front end was lowered four scale inches. The finders were bob-ed and the wheels modified to look like stock reverse ones.I used a 327 Chevy engine from a AMT Nova kit and scratch built the headers The entire kit was painted using Model Master Metalizer paints except for some details.













    Texas :smiley20:

  3. Theres a subject you don't see often. In fact I dont think I've ever seen one here. Looks like a lot of work especially with alll that glass to see through! The idea of making your own decals is of interest to me. What program do you use and how do get the scale right? You've really created a beautiful and interesting replica here. Thanks for sharing it.



    Thanks...I used Microsoft Word and Adobe Photo Shop to size the decals until I got them to fit. I then printed them off on a ink jet printer. I used white decal paper for the Texas state shape and clear for the letters. You can see the complete build on our clubs web sight forum shone in my signature box below.


    Texas :smiley20:

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