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  1. Afternoon Gil and Ron,



    Looking for drawings if possible, have someone ( The Micro Group ) willing to do the carving if I can find the dimensions.



    Have not found much info other then the prop is 80" in length and that their was a couple of manuf. for the CDN version of the Tiger Moth


    Clark Industries in Ontario stopped making scale props and The Micro group needs more info.




  2. Evening,


    Am planning to do the 1/32 Tiger Moth and would like to replace the kit prop with a wooden prop.

    Have found some photos and dimensions but would need plans / drawings to get it right.

    Would anyone have any info ?




  3. Morning guys,


    Presently working on 1/48 Bell 47 J Ranger from Tailboom and need some good photos of the engine set-up

    Have found some side views but am looking for front and back views

    Would the set-up be the same as 47 G ?




  4. Afternoon,


    Am looking for colour info or colour pictures of a S-62 in service with Canada's DOT during the 60's. It's either white/blue or white/red with a dayglo band on the tail.

    Thanks for looking,


  5. Are you referring to the British helos? If so, try posting on any of the British modeling sites and you'll probably get an avalanche of answers. The Airfix Tribute Forum has an aircraft modeling area and is NOT limited to Airfix models.


    Hi Ron

    Yes, I am referring to the British helios. Have already posted on multiple forms and no luck so far but have not tried the Airfix forum.


  6. Name's Chris Claviere. Modeling since I was knee high to a grasshopper. Have built pretty much everything since I started but my mine interest is helicopters of all scales and all types.


    Other then that...closing in on 25 years marriage ( 24 next month ) and have 2 girls who are staying in school so they don't have to move out.




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