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  1. Osprey's book Imperial Japanese Navy Aircraft Carriers 1921-45 shows late war (44) carriers Zuiho,Chitose and Chyuo with a camo flight deck pattern of light and dark green angular patterns with black or really dark green. They still had the red & white "barber pole" striped aft landing area though. It seems the scheams were used to break up the shape of the flight deck, and give the illusion that the ship being attacked was something other than a aircraft carrier. Each pattern was unique. Add some greenish brown to the color chart too. The hull of the ship meantime was painted a bright green base which was overpainted with the silhouette of a smaller ship like a destroyer or cruiser; this in an effort at anti-sub camo. The smaller ship silhouette was a dark drab green.

    Taiho had an armored flight deck painted dark navy grey. Amagi used the green pattern.. these patterns are like uneven chevrons going down the flight deck from aft to foreward and suddenly theres a big dark green letter I (capatol eye..quick more beer) from side to side right in the middle of the deck. Others had oddly drawn (impressionistic?) turrets rotated for & aft (2D from above looking) in the darker green. Unscruitable stuff what? Have fun with the deck......


  2. You guys rock! Ralph. how in the hel did you get the formula for that? Thanks a bunch, I've got a yellowish brown/gray on there (battle damage) to show it vs. the painted zim vs. bare metal. I've found that adding a little damage to the hull of a taimya 1/48 kit is easy. It's metal, a quick pop with the dremel tool....battle damage. I wonder what hitting from 10-15 yds with a .177 cal. pellet gun would do???? :smiley32: Next time maybe, this ones too close to being done to screw around with that now.

    thanks again guys


  3. Hi all, I'm putting a resin interior in s stug IIIB/C/D and on the firewall that devides the fighting compartment from the engine area is a large rectangular box, it may be ammo storeage but it covers a big part of the firewall. Anyway on this box are four dash objects that go across it. Wondering what they are and what color to paint them. Could they be leather pads to keep the crew from bouncing around? Any help gratefully received, squadron in action isn't helping.



  4. Yeah, ain't road wheel clean=up and painting grand. I do believe the adult beverage has "benificial" qualities for this work and AMS in general. Much like red wine helps the cholesteral. This is what I'll tell the wife when I fall off the stool at the workbench.


  5. Not familiar with the jeep kit but it sounds like your going to sand away part of the radiator and/or the base of the fan where it mounts to the engine. Shortining the fan blades might also be an option.

    good luck.....


  6. Now that's nice. Perhaps a touch of the silver pencil, no? I like the tamya yellow, my modelmaster 1943 dunklegelb seems darker, and more greenish-tan. Guess I'll have to add some testors yellow to it. Ah, the smell of victory. Enamel and laquer thinner and coffee in the mornin'.


  7. Thanks for the motavation to start an armor project with p.e. zimmeret. I got back from the Nats in Phoenix and was looking for a new project and I have a 1/48 Tamyia Stug III G with p.e. zim. So I'm interested in what you like and don't like about the zim. I haven't started glueing anything yet, still compairing the p.e. zim. instructions with the p.e. update set instructions to the plastic kit instructions. So if you were going to zim the tiger all over again, knowing what you do now, would you do anything different? "Tell us your secrets, ve haff ways of makeing you talk." :P

    Thanks..... G.L.

  8. Aw, Ed. A freightliner? :smiley19: OMG next we'll be havin' him do sci-fi. Yeah I know, I started it. Anybody do a NMF on a tank? OK I better go back to beer, this is gettin' out a wack. Great truck, good fun.


  9. Oh Paul..Mr. Bradley, I went to hyperscale but couldn't find a build review. :smiley22: Could I get you to give us a link to a build review? I looked in the crystal ball (ok, its really a football) and I forsee some scratch building comeing my way. Thanks....


  10. All I'm saying is let your interest and immagination go, try stuff, life is good. If a modeler wants to make a tank he will. Heck, if I had only drank burbon I'd never of found scotch. I encourage anyone to build armor, I do. Have had minor experiance with it once upon a time. But you still use your immagination when you build one even OOB. If you can do figures, armor and figures is a natural. Lots of armor kits have a figure in it. One more is a diorama. :smiley20:

  11. Aquired this kit at the convention. had to do something with the rubio 45mm barrel I have. Also got the eduard p.e. for it. Need track. I'm told BT-5 and BT-7 track are different but to my eye they look the same. Anybody got info. on this kit?


  12. Consider dioramas. You can fill your vehicle and figure jones in one shot. Lets out the "artsy craftsy" side, the story teller side and the AMS side. Now what could be more fun than that??? Try everything, a ship, a bleedin airplane let your intrest or curiosity run amok. Ya only live once and you can't screw up worse than me or anybody else out here. fun is where you find it.


  13. Aquired a Vickers COW gunfighter 1919-1922ish pusher engine at the convention 1/48 by karaya. It's got a .50 or 20mm looking gun sticking up at an angle. Instructions ok but no info. or history. Odd looking duck, which of course is why I got it. Whats the scoop?

  14. No. Do not just stick to figures, that is a really nice model and the addition of the straps/weathering and title change is about all it might need. Keep modeling whatever grabs your interest, your doing great stuff.


  15. I have a storeage shed kind of like Clares in the "spring" picture. Have the spray booth in there. I usually wait untill its in the 30's then heat it with an oil filled electric heater, this gets it up into the low 60's and I'm good to go. I also will heat up a pan of water to boiling, let it sit for a few minutes to cool then pitch the paint bottles in for about 5 minutes. Seems to work ok. I tend to wait untill I've got several models to airbrush then go at it. Winter up on the side of a mountain in Idaho ain't all that paint frendly :smiley14: G.L.

  16. I'm working on a pair of german figures in 1/35th for a diorama and I wonder where I might find decals or transfers for the uniforms. I need one set that has the full uniform emblems (both epaulets, nazi eagle for chest and maybe a iron cross button hole ribbon), the other needs just the eagle for the arm (SS) and something for the helmet cause he's dead. Any help where I might aquire this stuff would be great. Sense it's close to Christmass I can maybe get other family members to ante up too. :smiley20:

    thanks.... and best of the season to you all.....

    G.L. (and now for the nog)

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