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  1. As a general guideline, kit parts that are necessary to complete and support the overall structure of the completed model are allowed. However, other kit parts that provide enhanced surface-detailing to a completed model will not be allowed for a BKB entry.

    What exactly does the above statement mean? It is copied from the BKB rules. Again thanks for all the responses as I just want to make sure of what the BKB rules allow and not allow.


  2. I have an armor question for the BKB category. 
    I am building a German halftrack and the only pe is mud flaps and the pieces where you put your license plates. 
    Now the license plate holders are flat and you would never know that they are pe once the decals are on them. The mud flaps add no additional detail to the kit. So would this qualify for BKB or not?

    Thank you for your input.


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