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  1. The NCSC is the first step for investigating that process. There are many factors that need to be evaluated (one of the most important aspects is consideration for the same local support and likelihood of burnout). 

    Stop by our seminar at 2:30 on Thursday to learn more and present your feedback/recommendations. We can also discuss this over a beer, likely multiple now with everything we have to cover. :)


    14 minutes ago, JClark said:

    I have always thought it prudent to have a separate National convention committee that was fully in charge of the Convention with the local hosts and membership providing local manpower . And also picking 3 locations across the country with proven track records of hosting. Problem is the manpower issue then is thrust upon those 3 locations. Another problem with locations is facilities that can accommodate a low volume turnout people wise for the space we need. 


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  2. Hi Mark,

    I can't promise we'll be able to record it, but I'll definitely provide any content shown during the seminar to you following the show. Also happy to connect offline and discuss any aspect of the National's bidding process. 

    Cheers, John

    16 minutes ago, Mark Deliduka said:

    I wish I were going. I have always wanted to know how to set up a bid for the Nats. This next Nats will have a seminar on how to prepare a bid for the Nationals on a year I am unable to go due to finances etc. I don't ever see myself attending another one for many more years either due to these circumstances. Well, good luck to the club bidding for 2024, I hope it all goes well for you.

  3. In short, yes. 

    The 2nd VP serves as the chairman of the committee and the NCC representative is delegated to the NCC Chief Judge. I could be retained on the committee if the new 2nd VP wants me to. The committee composition is determined by the 2nd VP. 

    If interested in learning more, stop by our seminar or catch me at the Nats. 

    1 hour ago, JClark said:

    Thanks John


       2 questions, is your position and Mark's position on the NCSC dependant upon both of yours positions? So once you and Mark leave your posts get filled by the new Head judge and 2nd VP or you guys stay on? 




  4. Thanks for the feedback @jcorley. We're in unchartered waters here; this is the first time (I believe) that only one bid has been submitted for a national convention. 

    To add some excitement, we the Eboard, have been pretty tight on communications around the bid details. The Nats are 22 days away when everything will be revealed.

    If you have questions feel free to reach out directly to me or any other Eboard member. There's no agenda by the Eboard to keep members uninformed, we're always striving for increased transparency (our detailed meeting minutes are one example).

    Are you going to Nats? If so, lets catch up. 

    13 hours ago, jcorley said:

    Dave, that may be the "standard procedure," but it has never been deliberately kept secret by the EB before, except for the last minute "surprise" bids we've gotten. There may be such a procedure now in the EBOH, but it wasn't before and the established precedent has been to not keep the membership uninformed.

  5. @JClark, correct, they are appointed positions. Myself, Rob Booth, Len Pilhofer, and Mark Persichetti serve on the NCSC. The initial members (Mark was asked in May) were noted in the Q2 board minutes found here.

    @jcorley, no secrets, high level context was provided in the Q2 board minutes, but we do owe the membership more information. The charter was approved, but it hasn't been released yet. We've been working hard in the background to finalize everything, it's just delayed due to competing priorities. The NCSC has already supported multiple calls with potential bidding clubs and actively supports the club that submitted a bid for the 2024 convention. 

    Again, no one is trying to hide anything from the membership. I'll publish the NCSC charter prior to the National Convention. 

    *Also forgot to mention we'll be hosting a seminar on the bid process and NCSC in Omaha, stop by at 2:30pm on Thursday for 'Meet you E-Board Members/Bid Process for a National Convention'

    If anyone has any questions feel free to message, email (ipmsusa2ndvp@ipmsusa.org), or call me. I'll also be at Nats and happy to chat. 

    13 hours ago, jcorley said:

    Sure, Ed, as I quoted the minutes that should be obvious. How soon is "soon"?  (and the biz meeting wouldn't be an online announcement.)

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  6. Thanks for the context James. This sounds very similar to the National Contest Steering Committee we just established. 

    15 hours ago, jcorley said:

    Back about 2006 or 7 there was an idea floated about have two standing committees with the key people needed to run the Nationals: Convention. Chair, Vendor Chair, Seminar Chair and Treasurer/Registrar. The treasury got taken over by the EB and national trophy package was offered... and that's about all the idea produced in the end. 

    The idea was that local clubs would express an interest, then if chosen would supply most of the local manpower, including a facility coordinator as a go-between for the EB. One team would run even years, the other odd. This idea has merit facing a lack of bidders and local clubs unwilling or unable to invest the thousands of man-hours needed to plan a national convention. A permanent vendor chairman could even be implemented for a smooth year-after-year operation with largely the same vendors.


  7. 1 hour ago, Highlander said:

    After attending closely to these interchanges, I conclude that the IPMS approach, although imperfect, is really pretty good.

    As I have said elsewhere, I was/am involved in a major national convention for another hobby.  The structure for that convention is that the National Office owns the convention while the local chapter largely organizes and executes it.  Thus National could and has and does direct various aspects of funding, programming, content, advertising, timing ... and theoretically has final say on most everything.  Which might be fair, because National signs all the contracts and pays all the bills.  So, if there is a disaster, National bites the bullet and our local chapter is financially in the clear.  The local club provides the foot soldiers and "middle management" for the national convention.

    HST, the issue here is that communication between National and the local club is critical, but has been problematic.  Thus, the local club makes decisions because someone has to and National -- which is not keeping itself constantly informed -- often asks if the decisions can be changed.  National can be pretty uninvolved until somebody at National wants to make a decision and discovers that it is really too late.  BTW, nobody has bid for 2023 or 2024 for a national convention.

    IPMS lays the responsibility on the local chapter ... where people know what is going on locally and can adapt and improvise and make timely decisions.  It seems that the IPMS Board pretty much runs the contest and has a few meeting and the local chapter does everything else ... and bears most of the financial responsibility.  It seems more efficient but is riskier for the locals.

    The 2023 Nationals will be in San Marcos, Texas. Additionally, I've had multiple conversations with potential future hosts.

    Please message me any context for the late 'decisions.' Anything worth sharing will help influence making future shows better.

    Your last statement concerning responsibility is misaligned with the current process. Correct, the local chapter is the main action arm of executing the convention. In fact, they are the heart and soul of the convention and the National Organization is indebted to their service.  However, the National Organization supports registration and bears the financial responsibility. The contest is managed by the National Contest Committee (NCC), which develops the rules and categories, executes judging on Friday night, and communicates the results on Saturday. They work tirelessly from Friday to Saturday in order to get the results ready for the banquet. Another team that is critical to the show's success.

    The resource we're developing will clearly communicate the ins and outs of hosting a National Convention. We hope this resource, which evolves every year based on feedback, will incentivize clubs to put a bid in for nationals. I'd also encourage anyone curious or interested in any aspect of the National Convention please shoot an email to  ipmsusa2ndvp@ipmsusa.org 

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  8. 22 hours ago, Highlander said:

    Interesting observations.  I quite agree that interrupted patterns are difficult to reestablish.  Whether the interruption was the primary cause is debatable; I personally don't adhere to that belief.  But it is, I think,, a factor.  Which leads us to ....

    In  other venues, on other threads, I have observed that the cost of attending a major convention has gone up, is going up. and will go up more.  My wife, who attends several in her areas of interest, has noted the same.  And we haven't factored in the cost of travel ... I checked some airline fares last night and noted that (1) they have really gone up, (2) flight availability and convenience has declined,  and (3) the flights are still filling up.  Combine that with the "cheap bastard" phenomenon and convention planners now have to be more concerned about attendance than previously.

    Yet another factor is the issue of having enough main convention hotel rooms to hold a significant fraction of the attendees, without regard to the cost.  My wife is attending a big quilting show/contest later this year and the convention hotel rooms went at $279  ... and sold out within three hours.  This fall, at another convention, the hotel has now released two additional blocks of rooms ... prices went from $129 to $159 to $189 ... and sold out.  However, even if the convention hotel is completely committed to the Con, it usually cannot hold enough attendees to make the convention a success -- there need to be some number of attendees staying at other hotels. 

    I have also noted that, in our neck of the woods, the number and the content of local contests has dwindled.  Apparently no regional again this year (BTW, IMHO, slapping a last minute "Regional" label onto an existing one day contest does not make it a Regional).  It seems that, other than the one day quickie, clubs have lost enthusiasm for larger, longer, more extensive contests.  I hold that the primary cause of lack of bids is the "let somebody else do it" zeitgeist.  If that spirit leads to a year without a Nats, IPMS will need to take a very hard look at what we are all about.

    It is getting interesting.

    Hi David,

    Thanks for your feedback. I'd like to focus on your last paragraph. The notion that a day will come when no one bids on a nationals is a very real possibility and one of the reasons I chose to run for national office. We are making significant progress behind the scenes, details to be released soon, on how we're thinking about it and ultimately dealing with it. 

    If interested in supporting the initiative, I'd encourage you or any other member to reach out to me. I'm happy to discuss our thoughts, gather your feedback, and take any help offered. 



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  9. They posted on October 22 and update on the show site.


    Both of the connected hotels are SOLD OUT. There are still hotel rooms very close. Just across the street. If you are driving these are very close. Walking you are within site of the Conference Center. The Hampton Inn and Suites as of yesterday has about 80 rooms for each night. This is the closest hotel to the Conference Center. They are not offering us a rate and are charging just over $200 a night. The Hampton does have a shuttle and has offered to provide transportation to and from the Convention Center. Their phone number for booking is 402-895-2900
    The newest hotel in the area is the Comfort Suites and across the street. We now have a room block with the Comfort Suite at a rate of $154 (plus tax). It’s a small room block, but they will expand the block for our needs. Comfort Suites is not a large hotel so if you want a room- don’t delay. Here’s the link to reservations at the convention rate. Their phone number is (402) 505-7333 if you have trouble.


  10. Hi Mac,


    I addition to the gallery above from Vlad's crew, which was posted within a few days of the show ending, check out the links below for more pictures and video. I've also included podcasts that provided a detailed show wrap up.

    JB Closet Modeler Facebook Gallery

    Wasatch Modeler Videos

    Plastic Posse Live Broadcasts

    Podcast Recaps

    Plastic Model Mojo

    The Model Geeks

    Plastic Posse Podcast





  11. 47 minutes ago, Ron Bell said:


    As per IPMS/USA By Laws, article VIII, section B. "The Executive Board will meet at least quarterly every year. It may meet more often if it is deemed necessary." 



    Thanks Ron, just curious why they list it by month on the website. 

    During these trying times I was interested to understand the Eboard’s perspective and how the society is managing it. 



  12. On 2/15/2020 at 7:33 AM, Nick Filippone said:

    although my original idea was to poll registrants at the 2019 Nationals as part of the registration process. Maybe so few indulged because, like the 123v. GSB exchange, so few find it constructive or necessary. 






    Are you saying so few indulged to vote, in reference to the low submitted responses at the 2019 Nationals?

    After the first day of the 2019 Nationals the poll was removed from the registration process. I was told that they (IPMS) didn't want members voting twice. Potentially once at the show and once through the journal. Many people were wondering where it went. 

    Additionally, I was under the impression only the Journal votes were counted in the poll.



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